31 December 2011 Recharge your Mobile for free with Freecharge Service If you own a mobile phone and use it on daily basis than you will be familiar with the recharge cost you pay on the monthly basis, well if you have a postpaid connection that your parents might be paying bills for your calls and messages but if you own a prepaid number than sometimes you might recharge it from your own pocket money. You are in a place where recharge is not available and you need to make an important call, what do you do?
Initially download the app from the Google Play and then the app will a Google account to sign in or you can sign in with your Facebook account also. You also have the options of knowing all your recharges by tapping the settings in the top left of the app where you will find all the options.
Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Well in this cost increasing life span Freecharge.in online recharging services has given us a way to recharge our mobile phone for free. There are quite a few solutions for the Android users, and one of them is this Android App called FreeCharge that can solve this issue. All these payments can be done by using net banking, credit card or debit card for all the leading banks like ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Axis Bank etc. Later on the top you can find the options like prepaid, postpaid, DTH and Data card and choose that is required.

Freecharge lets you to add credits so that you can easily make a recharge when ever required.
Currently the app got a rating of 4.3 on Google Play store and all the transactions are 128 bit SSL secures with the trust seal of VeriSign and PCI-DSS. Rs.50 SD cash will be added to the Snapdeal account registered with the same email address as Freecharge. If your FreeCharge email id is registered with Snapdeal, you will get Rs.50 SD cash on the same account within 24 hours. With this app, you can recharge your mobile from almost anywhere with the accesses of internet from your Android smartphone. Then enter the mobile number and select the Operator the mobile number that you want to recharge. Proceeding further to the payment, you need to select the payment mode and enter all details necessary.
You also have the option of choosing coupons and pay less for them so that you can save money. So now if you are thinking that its another fake service and you will not get anything well that’s not the deal because I will give you proof below what I got.

Not only mobile recharge, this app can also be used to recharge your DTH (TV), Data cards and also to pay your postpaid bills. Moreover if you want to know more about your previous recharge or payment details you can get them all.
Enter the amount of the recharge or the bill amount that you want to make and recharge or pay the bill accordingly.
This is an easy way to recharge or pay your bill on your finger tip with the fast and secured service. If the transaction is not successful the amount will be credited in your credits that can be used for later transactions.
So if you are also paying with the debit card than choose debit card and than click on the SUBMIT Button below. That’s it you will be presented with the screen asking you to enter the security code and else stuff so do that and your will be done and you will get an email telling you about your coupons.

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