Well, we’ve had our invites to Google Wave for a little over 12 hours now and although I may have slept for part of that time I have had some vision for ways that LangfordSevier can integrate this service into our virtual office. Collaboration: This is the obvious one here, being able to work together on a document at the same time has a crazy, almost whiteboard feel to it. CRM: Using wave as a way to keep a live snapshot of where we are with all of our clients is really exciting. Time Tracking: Having the ability to not only track your own time for projects but share that data with a collaborator is pretty great.
This is only a sample of what this new medium can be used for and it certainly will constantly change.
November 14, 2008 By Mason Hipp adsense#diggrightMillions of people use social media on a regular basis, and many more are joining the ranks every single day. With the number of people involved, and the enormous amount of time we all spend using social media, it’s only natural to try to save some time and make life easier on yourself.
We’ve compiled this list for just that purpose — over 35 tools that can help you do more with social media in less time. EventBox is a mac-only program that integrates the top 5-6 social networks into a single program. Ping.fm makes it easier to update your social networks by connecting the most popular networks into one service. TwitBin is a small Firefox Extension that allows you to receive and send tweets anywhere in your browser. TwitThis is a social button to put on your website that helps promote your articles on twitter. A quick an easy toolbar that integrates with Firefox and provides most of the common Digg functions.

Digg Notify is a desktop app that will display a little notification box with information every time someone Digg’s one of your stories.
This is a WordPress plugin that will save your site from going down under massive traffic by redirecting it through the Coral Cache network. The tagometer is an advanced Delicious button that shows how many users have tagged a post and with what categories.
Gathera is an internet explorer plugin that aims to connect social media, email, messaging, and many more features into a single place. Open ID is a single sign-on solution that is supported by many of the most popular web-apps and networking sites. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. Although, like Jacinta, I feel strange everytime I see someone erase what they’ve written.
Each client could have their own wave that we can keep track of where we are with them but all of those waves can be compiled into a master wave that gives us a quick overview of all of our clients as well as their current status.
Being able to click a button and have all of the user’s phones ring to start the meeting is simply awesome. On top of that you can let the client in on the feed so they can watch their bill rack up while you work, keeping them in the loop not only shows that you are working on their project but they won’t be surprised when they get the final bill. It adds the ability to cross-post tweets to other sites, post images to TwitPic, and search tweets (among other things). I know that there are amazing free CRM applications out there but this is a solution that lives within Google and I can see myself logging into this way more often that say Zoho CRM.
I know that you can do this through spreadsheets, email or time tracking software but again having all of this in one place… are you seeing a trend here.

I feel that this tool we be used as a traditional social media platform where friends can quickly share information and interact, but I also feel that this tool will be effectively used by business to supplement the virtual office.
I catch myself thinking that for Wave to be fully utilized all members of the party need to be in the wave (note capital W while referring to the application and a lowercase w when referring to the individual wave) at the same time, but actually it works great when others are absent.
I know that there are other services out there that do this but again this is all in one place, that’s the kind of efficiency gains that a virtual office can revel in.
Needless to say, Jacinta and I will be using it and we will fill you in with our thoughts and impressions.
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