It exposes the typical cliches and the main characters go out of their way to let the audience know that this is not a run of the mill rom-com. If you don’t believe that there is actually any real chemistry between the two actors then these movies usually bomb. There is a Mila butt shot in the movie but I heard that she may have had a stand in for that scene. Dylan and Jamie become fast friends and as their relationship grows they decide that they should start having sex with no commitments and just remain “friends”.

The only problem is that it absolutely follows the exact same formula as every other movie in this genre. Fortunately for Friends with Benefits Timberlake and Kunis actually have some on screen chemistry.
Yet I kept finding small things to enjoy in it, mainly because of the two hard-to-hate leads.
Here is how it works, two people meet, they fall for each other, and then something happens to drive them apart.

He and Kunis play off each other very well and they some excellent banter back and forth that reminded me of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday. Throw Richard Jenkins into the mix with a great performance as Dylan’s Alzheimer’s afflicted father and a genuinely funny performance from Woody Harreslson and you have the makings of a pretty decent movie.

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