All resources made available under category Freebies on PremiumCoding are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.
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Isn’t it a cool idea to make your own Quiz websites as it’s a cool way to engage users in your website? You can put the countdown timer value in minutes for the quiz & set passing marks option, show progress and display finish message. Here you can have a feature to send an email notification via custom email template and PDF template & also display a message for the user if he passes the quiz. Here you can add questions for your quiz, define type of our question, difficulty level, multiple answers of a question and define one of them as a correct answer, here you will also able to explain the answers and save the questions.
When you are willing to have a website for your company or for any other purpose you have to have many pages that are significant and helpful for the success of the entire site. The admin panel that you are going to introduced in your site must have some specific features in it.
Thus it would be the best idea to install and use the readymade free or premium admin HTML website templates and layouts; it will save both time and money. There are lots of admin HTML website templates and layouts on the internet from which you can easily choose your desired one. Spring time does a great job of organizing data and presenting integral stuff in a straightforward manner.
With a well-structured and systematized 3-column layout, this free admin template for web applications delivers favorable impression and treats data in a particular way. Color life is a premium template that can become an ideal starting point to build your sophisticated dashboard. Spina combines a functionality of standard admin template and tablet theme so that it meets current requirements.

You may freely useresources, without restriction, in software programs, web templates and other materials intended for sale or distribution. From clean and minimal, to complex and multi-functional, every one of our themes is professional, responsive and beautiful.
This panel must be user friendly; complicated admin panel can bring problems to yours and your clients’ regular admin related works. Moreover, you can enjoy a better and smarter admin panel since these templates are designed and developed by expert professionals. Being inspired by some cool, popular themes it produces clean, neat and well-organized templates that serve as a sound foundation for further development. Warm matching coloring develops a comforting atmosphere while the well-thought-out amount of white space improves user experience. The template speaks completely through functional areas, providing the owner with a quite sophisticated yet comfortable environment.
The light soft color scheme gives the interface businesslike appearance and makes it suitable for different sorts of projects.
It features styles for various elements and even tiny details such as checkboxes or buttons. The first one is a classic dashboard theme for desktops and the second one lets you work on cell phones, making it appropriate for modern life. In her blogs she shares code snippets, tutorials, freebies, resources to help people develop their skills. These free and premium admin HTML website templates and layouts are highly customizable tools that can be used by any site owners who like to have an effective admin panel for their business. It includes styling for tabs, breadcrumbs, tables, forms, notification areas and much more. It is available for both personal and commercial projects and can be quickly customized to meet your needs.

There are 20 pages including even page errors and page messages that cover various functional screens and sections starting from charts and graphs and ending with simple forms.
It has a clean and elegant interface made in the grayish color palette and with lots of fresh air.
Playful fonts combined with nice hover and gallery effects will give you a great start with your website.
You can create a powerful & impressing Quiz website with us using WPQT (WordPress Quiz tool plugin) within a few minutes.
Though it is not supposed to be complicated but still it must have all the essential functionalities in a simple and straight manner so that your clients or you will never feel any kind of trouble while using this page. There are admin panel templates for various types of websites; be it e-commerce site or a site for online news portal. Being based on a handy grid system, it has a valid markup and is tested in all major browsers. As a matter of fact getting a high quality and professional admin template for a website can be a tough issue for the site owners. You can go for “self service” option in this regard but it normally demands a lot of hard work and investment of time as well. So it would be better to avail the service of free and premium admin HTML website templates and layouts that are available in the market.

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