Slice a tomato in half, scoop out the insides, fill it with a yummy stuffing of breadcrumbs, cheese and garlic powder, and style the Mammas hair using some cooked spaghetti. This is no ordinary taco made with tortilla, but a cookie, which is transformed into a taco shell. Sandwiches are a hot among kids most of the time; make them in different shapes and sizes and they would love it even more. Making any kid of food fun and interesting to the eyes will make kids eat them without much fuss. N had fun dropping food coloring into the water, and creating her favorite color, since it was not in the cheapo food coloring pack we had – purple!
The mom who runs after their kids trying to put some food into their mouth are all exhausted after a meal session. Bake the cookie dough in the oven and then when it is still warm, make the taco shell by curving it around a foil or rolling pin.
Each member of the family can place a pancake on the plate and spread his or her favorite topping.

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Children can play around with the spaghetti, trying to style it in whichever way they please.
The advantage of this recipe is that you can make any kind of filling for the taco but fruits like strawberries and peaches make the perfect filling. Instead of making the usual large pancakes, go ahead and make tiny pancakes, which you can gobble up at once. Dab some cream cheese, jam, and use fruits to make it more innovative and interesting for the kids. The plate is then passed around and the next family member gets to top the pancake with his choice.
Coin a healthy diet regime for the kids including all sorts of vitamin, protein, and calcium foods and then be creative with it.

Instead of stacking it on a plate, thread them on to skewers, alternating with fruit of choice. Then with artistic flair, spread the purple rice on to the plate and using cookie cutters, cut out small stars and moon shapes from cheese slices and get the kids to decorate the rice.
The colorful dragon fly on their plates would arouse interest as well as tempt them to eat it without any fuss.
Experiment with all sorts of fruits and vegetables and adapt it to fun and interesting shapes and designs, and the kids would surely enjoy a mouthful.

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