Our Couple's Love Quiz Book is perfect for any couple that wants to get to know each other better in a fun way! Part 3: Questions - Here's where you get to dig a little deeper, ponder some of life's bigger issues, and share your reflections with your partner. This is a wonderfully fun way for new couples to start off their relationship in a positive way, for newlyweds to get their marriage off to a great start, or for couples who have been in love for awhile and want to find new ways to express their love. Pierre, Irene, and Marie may look like a typical family from the late 1800's, however, both parents are rather famous for their scientific discoveries and for the fact that they shared a Nobel Prize.

Shown posing for an engagement picture, this couple became the last czar and czarina of Russia. After meeting in 1953, this couple was cast together to do the movie, "The Long Hot Summer" in 1957, and married in 1958. This wife, whose maiden name was Mary Todd, was so distressed by her husband's untimely death that she wore black for the rest of her life. During which war did Mary Ludwig Hays reportedly take over her husband's place swabbing and loading the cannon when he fainted from heat exhaustion?

It ranges from easier questions like their favorite food to more serious topics that require a bit of reflection.

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