Ethan Shanfeld - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google ImagesRemember when Zack and Cody roamed the halls of the Tipton Hotel? The Internet has turned into an amazing resource for both adults and children alike to soak in all kinds of information. Play Games – there are all kinds of games just for kids ranging from word games to card games.
Ask Earl – this is more educational than anything and gives kids the opportunity to Ask Earl a question! Sports – View videos of kids playing sports, play sports games, view sports jokes, or ask Earl a sports questions. Music – all kinds of songs are available to listen to (you will need Real Player) including Mr. Games – most of the games require Flash and at first glance it appears as though the games are for the younger children.

They also have a drop-down list of all the different shows that are on PBS and there are different activities for each. While there are a lot of fun and educational sites out there for children, there are also a lot of inappropriate sites that children could easily come across.
Kids is a place for the youngest of Yahoo users to go to where they can find age-appropriate material.
They are all divided into categories across the top of the page and Yahoo features a few games each day and continues to add new ones. They also have music news, and quizzes that are about artists kids are into like Miley Cyrus or Raven Symone. My only suggestion is that they should include the ages that the games are appropriate for. Additionally, they have a personalized learning service called PBS Kids Play which is in beta.

Thankfully there are all kinds of sites that help you monitor the material that your children see and provide a place where they can go to learn and play safely. The most important part about Yahoo Kids is that all content is approved by the Yahoo staff to make sure that it is appropriate. Out of all of the children’s sites out there, this is one of my favorites because of the quality and the quantity of content available.

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