When Instagram was born in October 2010, no one could have predicted its exponential growth. Humans are social beings – so, naturally, social technology mutates our healthy interest in other people’s lives into hyper-activated obsession.
Instagram has taken these once untouchable, elite groups of people in our society and made them relatable.
Celeb media not only activates customers, but can inspire an army of ambassadors and a bona fide sales force who spread the word through their own online channels. There are a lot of little fish that make it big on Instagram all the time, but time is what you need.
So go out and create that Instagram account that will “WOW” your followers and take you to new heights in your niche. I’m looking for a consultant I can pay to help me set up an Instagram account for my business. Being a social media fiend I can say that Facebook’s insights have never been visually exciting. Uncover the Secrets of Social Media & Grow Your Business Social Media Day, presented by Fresh Consulting, is a full-day, single-track conference held Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the CenturyLink Events Center in conjunction with the Northwest Women’s Show.
Fresh Consulting proudly presents Kathy Ireland as this year’s 2012 Social Media Day keynote speaker. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Maid of Honor SpeechesBridesmaid speeches are not one of the common practices of any wedding event.Some couples choose to let one or some of their bridesmaids to give a weddingspeech.
Maid of Honor SpeechesFollowing these caution tips can help you make write good bridesmaid speeches.Each of the discussed tips is important reminders you must think of every time youwrite a wedding speech. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. On April 12, 2012, Facebook made the decision to acquire Instagram for a measly 1 billion dollars.
While we know in theory that “they put their pants on just like us, one leg at a time”, for fans, it’s truly riveting to see this realism in action.
Voluntary label loving combined with incentivized brand boosting truly mangles the entire meaning of endorsement.
Creating your username – Make sure throughout all your social presence you have consistency within your usernames. Pictures – A lot of clients ask me “How many pictures should I post?” I tell them at least 3 pictures a week to start. Framing and Focus – I see so many Instagramers today posting pictures that are visually unappealing.

People aren’t going to like your picture or follow you if they know you didn’t spend the time to post something worthy. Following – Follow people that are in your space or niche, and they will probably follow you back.
3rd Party Apps: Bring Em Out – I highly recommend downloading Diptic on your iPhone when you start to use Instagram. Know your Metrics – My favorite place to go to get all my analytics on my IG account is Statigram.
Timing is Everything – We talked about metrics in Tip #9 and one of the most important metrics you should be conscious of is your posting time. If I manage social media for several small businesses, what is the best practice for setting up each individual Instagram account since it’s attached to a phone rather than being something I can just set up online (such as I do for them with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+). The most probable reason is the bridesmaid can be either a very goodfriend of the bride or the groom, or both. Writing bridesmaid speeches with these components isthe best way to make a memorable wedding speech.The maid of honor is always expected to give a maid of honor speech. Once a famous Insta-connection is sparked, that digital relationship can actually last – especially because these networks provide the only source of raw, uncut captions of the lives of our idols. A single post from the perfect icon flaunting his or her brand of choice can kick-start a movement.
Clearly, Instagram has become a powerful and often gratuitous sales tool for brands all over the world. Out there in cyberspace, there are thousands of accounts with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. This is just another way you can start sharing good content with people who love your brand.
Your pictures will then be added to searchable lists of other pictures that have the same #hashtag.
With Statigram you can get your total number of likes received on any post, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts and more. Ask yourself “what time will I get the most engagement from my followers?” You can take a look at Statigr.am’s Optimization tab to see your best time to post photos.
I have my own personal Instagram account, and I understand hashtag campaigns, how to frame & edit photos, what types of photos are engaging, and all of that, but have no idea how to actually set up the account for clients who want me to contribute to and manage their Instagram account, but also be able to upload photos themselves. The most reliable way to do so is to contact as many users with similar interest as possible.
Delivering bridesmaid speeches can be aperfect choice to include as a part of the wedding.Since bridesmaid speeches are not popularly practiced, giving a message like thismust be only short. She is the bestfriend of the bride so she really needs to give inspiring messages for her sake.Delivering wedding speeches can be daunting but every maid of honor can overcomeit as long as she tries to believe in herself and thinks she is doing this for her bestfriend.

Celebrities have it easy when it comes to followers as they already have fans who want to connect via Instagram immediately. Trust me, clients think it’s funny to have names like that, but it just diminishes your social presence. I love collecting retro sneakers so I follow a lot of sneaker collectors and they follow me back because I post about shoes once in a while. It’s nice to know what’s working and what you could be doing better to drive more people to your page.
This will give you a good idea what’s getting the best traction and at what time with your following. There are only few points to include in bridesmaid speeches.These are very brief introduction, body which talks about the bride or the brideand the groom, and a conclusion. Giving an impressive maid of honor speech will definitely make the bridestunned and speechless. Amazingly, these candid, Instagram-created connections can actually humanize the celebrity world.
An easy and frictionless way to do this is via PastBook’s Instaback service, which downloads all your Instagram photos and emails a link to your handy zip file, for free. It’s a way to spread your content, but once the viewer sees that you’ve #hastagged 100 words, it looks desperate. Not only is he a big time rapper, but the pictures he releases in Instagram are OUTRAGEOUS.
Adding interesting stories, quotations, jokes oranything lively can make your speech very memorable.Another consideration you must remember is to name some important peopleinvolved in the occasion. I’ve been using this method for years since the early twitter era, but in instagram there was nothing for mass unfollowing. These people include the parents of the bride and thegroom, the primary and secondary sponsors. It is capable of unfollowing up to 5000 users per day, and you’re granted 1000 free unsubscriptions once you have registered. Extending thanks and recognition to every individualmust be always included in the speech.Lastly, you must focus on the bride and the groom.
If you are closer to the bridethan the groom, you can spend more time talking about the bride.

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