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A wight is a reanimated corpse, either human or animal, raised from death by the White Walkers to act as their minions.
The seemingly dead wight of Jafer Flowers, a ranger of the Night's Watch, in "The Pointy End". A wight's physical condition will roughly match the condition the corpse was in when it was reanimated. Wights are not particularly intelligent, and it is debatable if these creatures are truly sapient and possess self-awareness. The White Walkers are also shown to be capable of reviving any dead animal as a wight, such as horses. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the image are proprietary to HBO, the inclusion of which implies no affiliation with the Game of Thrones Wiki. Their flesh is extremely flammable, as if it were coated in oil: it will easily catch fire and continue to burn if exposed to even a small amount of flame. A corpse that was killed in a relatively non-violent way and which is resurrected soon after death will still seem relatively lifelike.
The image is used with the permission of HBO, but on the understanding that it can be removed at any time. Wallpaper and background images in the The Lying Game TV Series club tagged: the lying game abc family tlg.

Samwell Tarly noted that the wights he had encountered had been dead for weeks, yet they exhibited no signs of rot or decay. As a precaution against them, the Free Folk burn their dead so they cannot be revived as wights. In contrast, a corpse that died violently or which was resurrected long after it died and it had already begun to decompose will still look like a maimed, rotting corpse. They do seem to be able to carry out the basic attack commands of the White Walkers, but seem to function on more of a "zombie" level of instinct. This image is used with the permission of HBO, but on the understanding that they can request its removal at any time.
Regardless of their eye color while alive, all wights have icy blue eyes like those of their masters.
Reanimation will slow the physical process of rot and decay, but otherwise it does not restore previous damage. They can remember how to use a sword, albeit in a crude hack-and-slash attack, but they haven't been observed using bows and arrows or other complex tools. A eaioi auoiaa ea?u iaeay aaaooea A?aea ?yeiiia oaa?yea iauanoaaiiinou, ?oi iocuea iaaa?iyoii oaeaioeeaiai aaoneiai ia?iy n ?u?ae oaaae??ie aey aaa?oiie ea?u iiaie o?aioecu iaycaoaeuii oaeaeo naao. Wights are also nigh-indestructible and can withstand an injury that would normally be fatal, including stab wounds and the removal of limbs; even amputated limbs will still move around on their own. A corpse with a broken leg won't magically have the leg healed when it is reanimated into a wight.
Exactly how much wights remember of their previous lives is unclear, or if they remember them at all. Ii aio aaaa, ia oio iiiaio o Ubisoft ia auei naiaai iocueaeuiiai eaeaea, a n Sumthing Else aaea eae-oi ia caaaeenu.

Decapitation is ineffective, as the headless corpse will keep moving, albeit robbed of its sensory organs. The wight of Othor, a member of the Night's Watch, did seem to remember the way to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont's quarters to try to attack him. A ?acoeuoaoa ?aeec oi iiaoaa??aaeny, oi ioiaiyeny.Ianea a iaiiu aiaaaeye ieeaioaiue iiiaio ni neooaie i i?iii-CD, eioi?ue yeiau nouanoaiaae n iocueie ec ea?u a ianoiyuai CD Audio ea?anoaa.
Neooe iiaee au inoaouny neooaie, anee au ia iaieaaaoaeuneia ioiioaiea Ubisoft e aoaeoi?ee naieo ea?. A iiiaio auoiaa Assassin's Creed anieuea iaeay nae?aoiay no?aie?ea ia ioeoeaeuiii naeoa ea?a, aaa iinea aaaaaiey ii?aaae?iiiai eiaa iieuciaaoaeu iia nea?aou 6 eiiiiceoee ec oiai naiiai iaauoaaoaai naoiao?aea. Iniaie ?aainoe yoi ieeiio ia ainoaaeei, iineieueo ia oio iiiaio ia?ia o?a neooae iieiua ?eiu ec ea?u a i?aeoe?anee eaaaeuiii ea?anoaa.
E aio oaia?u, ?a?ac 8 eao, eaaaiaa?iue aeuaii, ea?aony, aioia ii?oeou ian naiei i?enoonoaeai.11 o?aeia, anaai 40 ieioo iocuee (au? iaia aeaaiaa?iinou naycea Ubisoft e Sumthing Else), ii caoi a iieiioaiiii Audio CD. Eia?a eae ii?ii iacaaou nicaaiea iia?acaaeaiey Ubisoft Music, ?uae caaa?ae aoaao yaeyouny auione naoiao?aeia? Aaau eiaiii oiaaa aoaao auiouaia iocuea ceiiieo?iiai Assassin’s Creed, naoiao?ae eioi?iai iai iaauaee i?aiu aaaii e aa?a eiaee niaanou ii?oeiiii iieacaou a CD Audio. Sounds like Ambient, Classical, Electronica, Ethnic - that's what we can say about this album.

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