By the time she hit her 30s, Carrie Bradshaw had Stanford Blatch, her fabulous gay talent agent best friend in HBO's hit show, "Sex and The City." But on The CW's "The Carrie Diaries," the budding fashionista has Walt Reynolds. Similar to grown up Carrie’s gay buddy, Stanford, Walt broke up with his high school girlfriend because he’s struggling with his sexuality.
Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and Blaine Anderson ((Darren Criss) were the epitome of high school sweethearts on Fox's "Glee" -- and the fan-favorite couple among most Gleeks. A character has an Incompatible Orientation when they are coveted by someone who can never have them, because they just don't sway that way.
To meet the requirements of this trope the relationship must be stated as hopeless or impossible in-universe (by a character or through Word of God) at some point in time. In a lot of works, especially manga and anime, this is often done mostly for amusement purposes, by turning the person in love into a Hopeless Suitor or even a Butt Monkey.
Compare to Settled for Gay, where they may have incompatible orientations, but they decided they probably wouldn't find a suitable suitor anyways.
Almost aggravatingly so in Hana-Kimi with Nakao and his blatant crush on the womanizing Minami Nanba, whom Nakao still believes he has a chance with. In Sasameki Koto Masaki Akemiya has an adorable, albeit unfortunate, crush on his girl-loving classmate Sumika Murasame.
Kuroko from A Certain Scientific Railgun has a major crush on her onee-sama Mikoto, who in turn has a huge crush on Touma, the main character of A Certain Magical Index, a guy. In Taisho Baseball Girls, Tomoe has a thing for Koume, who in turn seems to be rather content with her arranged fiancé. Masato from Manga no Tsukurikata is in love with his childhood friend Morishita, who in turn is in love with his sister.
Kudo from Doki Doki School Hours has a major crush on Suetake, who in turn is totally oblivious regarding his feelings.
Saber Marionette J makes a running gag of the attraction the flamingly gay rich boy Hanigata has for the poor, industrious (and fundamentally straight) Otaru.
To a lesser extent, Hijiri wants Kirie too, but not until the final episode after being defeated by her. In WORKING!!, Jun is having a hard time with his feelings for his colleague Yachiyo, who in turn is in love with Kyouko, her female boss at the family restaurant they work at. Questionable - although Yachiyo is utterly devoted to Kyouko and would almost certainly be willing. Kou from Aoi Hana has it tough, since Kyouko, the girl he is engaged to, is lesbian—at least judging by her crush on Yasuko. In Hayate the Combat Butler, Luca confesses to Hayate that if he were a guy, she'd have fallen for him.
Both Miki and Ayumu have expressed romantic interest in Hinagiku as well, and decided to take a backseat to things, since Hinagiku is smitten with male Hayate. Makoto from Wandering Son has fallen for several boys (and adult men), however the current object of her affections is her (ignorant and immature) friend who is Oblivious to Love.
In The Gentlemen's Alliance, student council president Shizumasa aka Takanari has so many women chasing after him that he has Maguri, another male member of the Student Council, pretend to be his lover.
Camp Gay Arms Dealer Fred Luo is in love with straight Handsome Lech Gene Starwind, but neither of them seems to Gayngst about it. Fred Luo's also on the receiving end of this trope, as his parents refuse to accept he's gay and so have an Arranged Marriage for him to a woman named Reiko Ando, who genuinely does love Fred even as he finds her sexually repugnant.
Furui of Poor Poor Lips, despite his initial dislike towards her, ends up having a crush on Ren. Ladies' man Sanji of One Piece is wanted by the entire population of the gay island Kamabakka Kingdom.
Cuuko eventually develops feelings for Mahiro and starts advocating the threesome solution; while Mahiro's straight, he still rejects the idea because Cuuko's proposal includes "I bear Nyarko's child, the Boy bears mine". Hasta is also in love with Mahiro, and he's both a Humanoid Abomination (Hastur) and a guy.

Misa Amane of Death Note is in love with Villain Protagonist Light Yagami despite the fact that Word of God reveals he's "incapable of loving women." The same applies to the other woman vying for his affection, Kiyomi Takada. Parodied to hell and back in the aptly named Jump SQ one-shot "I'm the protagonist of a Harem manga, but I'm gay so my life is a living hell". Akane develops feelings for Tamura however he is gay and in love with her best friend Marika.
Batman villain Two-Face has spent the better part of the last decade obsessed with Renee Montoya despite her lesbianism. Renee Montoya, by that time the new Question, was involved in another example, this time on the other side. Lipstick Lesbian Karolina spent much of the first two volumes pining for her best friend, Nico, who was a little shocked when K finally tried to kiss her.
Subverted in Exiles: Morph had a crush on teammate Sunfire without realizing she was a lesbian. 4 episode of “The Carrie Diaries” (the loosely related prequel to SATC) Carrie (played by AnnaSophia Robb) attends a Halloween party with her first gay bud in tow, Walt (Brendan Dooling), reports The Advocate.
Maybe they've been friends for a while and she's ready for a Relationship Upgrade, or perhaps they just met and it's Love at First Sight, but regardless, she's perfectly smitten.
They can be any character who has an incompatible sexual orientation to their admirer, and they will usually already be in a relationship with someone else. This means that Incompatible Orientation doesn't have to be a permanent state of being, and attempts may be made within the plot to 'fix' it.
Lesbians are particularly prone to receive this treatment, although others are not exempt from it. Compare also Last Het Romance, where the incompatibility causes a character to discover they're gay and break off the relationship.
There is hope for her though, since she's made it clear that she lusts after anyone who looks like Mikoto, and Mikoto has 10,000 clones. The main character goes to an all-female school to meet girls, and basically falls in love with every girl she meets.
There is no direct evidence that they have ever been lovers or that either have ever had lesbian sex with anyone.
Lussuria has a creepy love for Ryohei to the EXTREME even though he is straight (and one of the few to be obviously married in the future). Aburatsubo, the bishonen gay vice-president is crushing on Takeo, the straight club president (who lusts for Cute Witch Sae, who is too shy to express her feelings for Takeo). Akitsu has a crush on Rune, who has a crush on his best friend Yamato, who has a crush on a girl named Sayama. She thinks he's a girl because she's only met him while he was crossdressed, so she doesn't know that Hayate is actually a guy, and that she actually did confess to him because of it. Ayumu has expressed interest in Hayate as well, allowing her to possibly supercede the limits of this trope without changing any orientations. Gene uses Fred's crush to score better deals on parts and weapons, and Fred uses Gene's desperation for said parts as a bargaining chip in his less legitimate business endeavors.
This causes him no small amount of angst since one of the causes for his initial dislike is his discomfort around the fact that Ren is an out of the closet lesbian. She's got a lesbian crush on Nyarko, who is both straight and head-over-heels in love with Mahiro Yasaka. And finally, Cuuko has a cousin called Cuune who is so in love with her that she asked her to make a Childhood Marriage Promise with her (Cuuko was too young to understand the implication of it). Mahiro is attracted to Nyarko as a person, but is put off by the knowledge that she's Nyarlathotep, the malign god of chaos and madness from the Cthulhu Mythos.
Ironically, in general terms Mahiro gets along with him the best out of the alien trio because he acts more like a needy little brother and less like a Clingy Jealous Girl. While he cares about them as brothers and protects them from harm, Issei is 100% straight and finds Ho Yay moments to be annoying and embarrassing.

Tetsuo refused because he didn't like men, though stated that he wanted to be like brothers with his fiancee. In fact, it was one of his attempts to woo her that ended up outing her in the first place.
Both in Birds of Prey and in the Question back-up feature in Detective Comics, Question teamed up repeatedly with Huntress, and it became quite clear that she was interested in Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) romantically.
After beginning a relationship with shapeshifting Skrull Xavin, who takes on the form of a human girl, Karolina loses romantic interest in Nico. It didn't take him long to realize it would never happen, since in his own words "He's straight.
When she made The Reveal, he accepted it wholeheartedly and continued to act as a brother figure to her, even supporting her relationship with Spider-Woman.
Not only were they each other's first boyfriends, but they lost their virginity to each other during the controversial Season 3 episode, "First Time." Blaine has also helped Kurt through some tough times, including standing up to Kurt's bully, Dave Karofsky, and taking a laced slushy to the eye to protect him. Note that this can also apply if someone is Asexual (not interested in a sexual relationship with anyone, regardless of gender). And Kitagawa definitely has a thing for her teacher Mika, who doesn't appear to swing that way at all. Meanwhile Nanaka (another Cute Witch and club member) has a crush on Aburatsubo, which he can't return either. Maguri actually does have feelings for him, and has to sit by and watch while he chases the main heroine instead.
On top of that, Nyarlathotepians and Cthuguhans are mortal enemies, so their very natures are in conflict, and the idea of two even being friends is unheard of; Nyarko tells Mahiro that Cuuko's family would be utterly shamed if news of the crush got out.
Mahiro had to play The Beard to Cuuko so that Cuune would give up on Cuuko and so that Cuuko's love for Nyarko wouldn't come out and ruin everything. The fact that she could shatter his sanity just by changing forms, and that she might be lying about being in love with him just to screw with him, are deal-breakers in Mahiro's eyes, but over time he grows to accept her honesty and his true feelings for her. His only friend Amano has a crush on him, originally because he was attracted to him as a boyish woman but later he began seeing him as male.
When he told his fiancee of his dislike of being female and his lack of interest in men, he ended up confused. Her friend tells her it's a useless idea however Midori doesn't acknowledge her, until she tries to have sex with a man but is too repulsed to. The storyline never had time to develop very far before DC's "New 52" reboot, but Huntress had always been portrayed as straight, and was not even aware that Question was gay, at one point asking if she and the previous Question, Vic Sage, had been lovers. Though Kurt's move to New York led to some major problems for the couple, we still have faith that they'll end up together. If a character informs someone about an Incompatible Orientation, it's either Sorry, I'm Gay or Dude, She's a Lesbian. Alternatively, the rest of the world could be right, and Yuuri could be living in a Transparent Closet. It turns out Tetsuo is actually bisexual, though he didn't acknowledge it until meeting Amano, and they end up the Official Couple.
When they meet several years later he still considers Tetsuo his fiance but he has mental problems and doesn't even recognize that he is horribly disfigured, nevermind that Tetsuo is living as a man. He eventually expresses disinterest in sex with Tamura once his voice begins deepening and he grows taller.

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