After several years, the police force found out and told him he could not run a private website that was earning money from advertisements while serving as a police officer. And last month, his company, Blue City, received $30 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capital company DCM Ventures. In a country where the government considers any activism dangerous and where homosexuality has traditionally been taboo, Ma has managed to build his business partly by reaching out to government agencies and showing them he can provide a public service in spreading safe-sex messages. In 2012, he was invited to meet with now-Premier Li Keqiang because of his AIDS prevention work.
Wu Zunyou, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases center, praised the app for its usefulness in conveying information to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, community. Andrea Pastorelli, a policy specialist at the United Nations Development Programme, said the Chinese CDC had recognized the app’s usefulness in reaching people they were unable to.
An investment manager at the Beijing office of DCM Ventures who asked not to be named because she was not authorized to speak to the media confirmed that the company had invested $30 million in Blue City, saying its future outlook was promising.
For Ma, 37, who goes by the online pseudonym Geng Le, the investment signals a shift in attitudes already among Chinese toward homosexuals.
Still, the app does provide privacy for people who are worried about others finding out about their sexual orientation by allowing them to use their smartphone to meet someone, he said. However, more organizations are being created in China that are specifically devoted to LGBT advocacy issues, and gay bars that once could only be found in bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai are increasingly opening up in smaller cities. Ma quit his job as deputy director of a division of the Qinhuangdao police force in March 2012.

Scruff has announced an update to their Windows Phone app to bring Windows 10 Mobile support. With more than 60 million messages exchanged every week, the all-new SCRUFF 5 is the dating and social networking app of choice for a community of more than 8 million gay, bi, trans, and curious guys worldwide.
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A pastor who fervently campaigned against LGBT rights has resigned from his position after a gay and lesbian news outlet exposed a profile he operated on gay dating app Grindr.
Literally failing to practise what he preached, Reverend Matthew Makela’s Grinder profile was screenshotted and shared by Queerty after the pastor compared homosexuality to alcoholism in a Facebook post as part of a very public anti-LGBT agenda. Topless images uploaded by Makela on Grindr were published on Queerty in addition to comments that he wants to "mess around with a bicurious guy” and enjoys “making out naked”.
27, 2014, Ma Baoli, founder of, speaks near a banner at the Blue City office in Beijing, China.
By night, he ran a website for gay people to share experiences and on which he spoke under a pseudonym about the pressure he faced as a homosexual. His has spawned a Chinese-language dating app for men called Blued that has garnered 15 million users, 3 million of them outside China, over two years.

It also enables group settings so people can organize activities such as hiking or assembling a basketball team, as well as providing information from health authorities on locations for HIV testing and treatment. Today, that doesn’t happen anymore, and it carries discussions on whether to legalize same-sex marriage, for example.
China does not recognize same-sex partnerships and no laws outlaw discrimination against homosexuals. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards.
With more than 60 million messages exchanged every week, the all-new SCRUFF 4 is the dating and social networking app of choice for a community of more than 8 million gay, bi, trans, and curious guys worldwide. We hope you have such a great experience that you never need support--but wea€™re here if you do., a website for gay people to share experiences has spawned a dating app specifically for gay Chinese men and the company Blue City last month received $30 million in funding.
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