American Airlines flight #19, which I had booked via American’s LGBT-specific site took me smoothly from JFK to LAX.
Down on stage, host Danny Williams, decked out in as a phone company repairman with hot pink glitter ball helmet, made acid comments on the contestants.
One of RSVP’s strengths is that it regularly brings on singer Amy Armstrong and her pianist Freddy Allen.
In Cabo, our first port on our second day, we wandered the waterfront, shops selling silver and gold, men putting lizards in sombreros on our heads, then encamped in an umbrella-covered beach restaurant and drank margaritas and ate tamales and drank margaritas and drank some more margaritas. Part One was a November 2008 Atlantis Caribbean cruise on the massive Freedom of the Seas, of Royal Caribbean’s fleet. Tuesday night was the RSVP Costume Contest-the prize a free Alaska cruise-and the audience was sometimes more decked out than the contestants. The best ones are always the 70s disco teas, and everyone always wants at least three of them per cruise.

My cabin was far aft (front), and I strongly recommend it; all week I had opened the doors to my balcony and let the sound of the waves that the prow made cutting through the ocean lull me to sleep each night. We sat next to Helga and Olga, two East German Olympic swimmers in neon pink and green whose testosterone injections had given them goatees, the poor dears.
The day after that in Puerto Vallarta, under a blazing sun in a Mexican sky, huge groups of us headed to the gay beach, forming what looked like a massive homosexual seal colony.
We boarded in Los Angeles on April 18, 2009 under a warm blue sky and sailed into the Pacific, heading down to the Mexican Riviera. She torches Broadway numbers so beautifully they make you cry, then she breaks you up with laughter. Others did shore excursions: swam with dolphins, scuba’d, bicycled off-road, and careened-screaming, naturally-down ziplines hung from steep hills. Mario dressed in gold lame bell bottoms and Dan had platform shoes and Mike from Vegas wore a completely real 1975 porn-star moustache, and we danced and danced to Donna Summer, Chic, and Gloria Gaynor.

So be sure to pack your harness and your best briefs.) Within minutes we were unpacking in our balcony staterooms on the 10th floor, then heading for cocktails up on the deck for the Bon Voyage party poolside. They were into hanging out, eating-with the raw materials at the 24-hour Market Cafe I created a dessert of soft-serve ice cream, pecan, fresh strawberry, and chocolate Martha Stewart would trade inside information to get her hands on – and going to RSVP shows. Yeah, there are guys with great outsides, and it’s easy to say hi to them, but try it with a guy you normally might not.

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