If you have broken up with your partner and you feel that there is nothing you can do about it to get your ex back, then all is not lost, read my story on how I lost my girlfriend to another man and how I got her back with the advice contained in The Magic OF Making Up. Hi, I’m Mike, and just over a year ago my long-term girlfriend (for over 7 years) dumped me without warning.
Looking back on our relationship I must say that I can’t blame my girlfriend for dumping me.
Getting dumped sure is a painful experience, I was totally devastated and was desperate to get my girlfriend back, I had to try to get my ex love back, I knew that if I didn’t try then I would regret it. What I needed was step-by-step advice from some one who knew how to fix relationships, someone who could give me a proven method to get my ex girlfriend back fast even though my situation seemed hopeless. It’s amazing, just when I thought that I would never find a way to get my ex back, just when I thought my relationship would never be fixed there was finally some hope. Well thanks to the advice in this guide we are back together again and our relationship couldn’t be better.
I couldn’t believe how well the techniques in this guide worked, I got my ex girlfriend back in just over a month from obtaining the guide and putting the advice to work.
Earlier I mentioned that I kept texting and ringing my girlfriend, well this was a BIG MISTAKE and one that many people make, well The Magic Of Making Up showed me how to repair the damage and fix my relationship.
Most men do not have the patience wooing a girl requires; they want it as fast as possible.

1- Look smart: You need to be in your best outfits if you want to get the girl to fall as soon as she sets eyes on you. Make sure your nails have been given attention lately because she is going to run a quick assessment on you so fast you won’t even notice. If you smile sweetly at her while you speak with all the masculine boldness you can muster, chances are that you will trigger a sweeter smile from her. With you being close but not too close, you leave her to wonder what it will be like to be wrapped in your arms. I had never cheated on her, but I did take her for granted quite alot, I also used to put my friends first all the time, going to the pub with them all the time and leaving my girlfriend at home, I hardly ever treated her with the odd present, a meal or even a bunch of flowers, there was no wonder that she felt unwanted, there was no wonder that she left me for another man!
But she was now with another man, it seemed that it would be a totally hopeless task trying to get my ex girlfriend back as she seemed happy with her new boyfriend.
My girlfriend says that she only left me as she needed attention and although she was with another man, she still loved me. Smile opens the doors to the heart, if you can get her to smile, then you can get her to fall in love with you without much ado.
With these tricks, you can make the process of making a woman fall in love with you much faster. You will need to make a good first impression on her before you can get any chance of winning her fast.

Girls love strong masculine perfumes because it makes them think of getting romantic with you.
The first thing that gets her attracted to you is the smartness of your appearance which she will evaluate before you state your mission.
So make an impression that will linger on her mind all through the day after your conversation with her. If you leave out some space, she will be more attracted and drawn in than she would be if you take up all the space in your attempt to touch her. If you appear before her mincing words and shaking like a leaf, she will want to dismiss you and get moving even before you introduce yourself. You can touch her lightly and gently but don’t be aggressive and don’t touch too much or she may flee. Words and gentle touches are known to work wonders when they are adequately combined to woo a woman.

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