NEC Display Solutions NP215 1024 x 768 DLP Projector 2500 lumens 2000:1Free projector mount with purchase! Please Note: This site is in NO way affiliated with any of the companies whose email offers are posted. We discussed ways each FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) could be addressed on your shopping cart page, with a promise to cover the design and usability goodies as a follow up (i.e. Provide large, clear thumbnail imagesThe cart summary is the customer’s last review before initiating checkout. Promo codes may not be combined with other promo codes on a single item and can only be used once per registered account.
However, unless otherwise noted on the product page, customers may purchase up to five (5) pieces of the same product at the promo code price as long as all pieces are purchased in the same order. Believe me, customers will blame you for an error before considering they may have made the mistake. Only one promo code will be applied per item per order, even if the item is eligible for other promo codes entered at time of purchase.

But this could have been avoided if the cart summary showed boldly each product thumbnail and description in my cart. Show stock availabilityYou may think this is unnecessary, especially if you disable cart buttons for out-of-stock products.
Provide a visible telephone numberAlways provide a second option if there’s trouble with Web checkout. Some sites use vanity toll-free numbers to track conversions referred from paid search, direct type-ins, affiliates, etc.6. Show calls to action above the foldThe more items in the cart, the lower down your Checkout button sinks. Many large sites including Apple push it off to the right hand side with a mini-cart, which may not be where customers expect it.8. Minimize your coupon code boxShowing a coupon box is an invitation for the customer to go deal hunting. Suppress the coupon box unless the customer has been referred by an email or affiliate campaign with a coupon code.

Display payment optionsSome folks only want to shop with PayPal, Google Checkout, Amex, etc.
Showing icons can provide reassurance to these customers, but they can also compete as calls-to-action (depending on how they are displayed). CarrotsReminding customers that they are $X away from (free shipping, free gift, etc) could improve your items per order and average order value.16. For example, a large B2B purchase, or a cross-channel research online, purchase offline sale like a home improvement project.Testing your cartThe presence of these elements are not the end of shopping cart optimization. Site Admin · Entries RSS The opinions expressed here are of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Elastic Path.

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