AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Great job Kraft, I would be interested to know if your sales for salad dressing went up or if it is just the wide circulation of these 4 commercials! Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around.

In one new spot, the chef keeps adding Kraft Zesty Italian to a hot skillet, with flames shooting higher and higher each time. How about a lot more?" The flames then consume his white V-neck T-shirt to expose smoldering abs and pecs. The sassy cook also will appear on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live as a guest chef and bartender.

A Kraft rep says the campaign is "targeted toward our salad dressings consumer, who we define as a mainstream foodie.

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