Garden Party Ideas May 09, 16 04:39 PMGarden party ideas to celebrate friendship and all the beauty and bounty Mother Nature and your green thumbs have to offer. Ideas for a Graduation Party Apr 25, 16 02:23 PMCelebrate your grad's achievements with these ideas for a graduation party. Detective Theme Party Apr 22, 16 11:26 AMFor our detective theme party we passed out character cards. Guests are invited to the gala of the season hosted by Hollywood's most acclaimed director.
Halloween is the perfect time to test your mettle and challenge your courage, and creating an eerie version of this popular game will provide hours of spine-chilling fun. Guests will love getting into costume and heading out in search of tricks, treats, and hidden objects.

Guests will have fun writing a script and planning and producing their own short scary movie. We may have outgrown trick-or-treating, but we all have a kid in us that still loves to put on a costume and join in the fun of Fall's most exciting celebration.
Horsemanship Radio Episode 64 by Index Fund Advisors – Richard Winters “From Rider to Horseman” and Dr. Who had actually drawn the drawing of herself Danielle gives Matthew in The Girl Next Door Movie? Unfortunately, amid the festivities, an award-winning celebrity will meet their demise, leaving guests with the daunting task of solving this puzzling mystery. Have teams record their findings with a cell phone or video camera and award prizes to the group that finishes first as well as bonuses for such things as 'most creative', 'most hilarious', or 'most frightening'.

While we don't really need an reason to have a party, Halloween gives us an excuse for temporarily setting aside our seriousness and acting a little silly. For an added twist, send your friends on a costume hunt, traveling to various locations in search of individual pieces to complete their specific character's attire. After viewing everyone's masterpiece, hold a vote and award the Oscar to the best film making team.
The guest with the most answers that match the bride's, WINS!Note: If the bride doesn't know an answer, she can't ask for help.

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