Globe Telecom recently launched a partnership with Facebook to offer the social media for free to its subscribers. However, many Globe and TM users complained that their load was still used up when they browsed Facebook. In order to access Facebook for free, you must first have some sort of mobile data connection.
Before you turn on your mobile internet, be aware that other apps can run in the background and access the internet without your knowledge.

To do so, go to Settings > Data Usage then tap the menu button and check Restrict background data. If you turn on your mobile data right now, it will display G, E or H in the status bar depending on the signal in your area.
Telco companies (such as Smart, Talk 'N Text, TM, Globe, Sun Cellular) implement a sim card replacement service. Be a Dealer of 1BRO (1 Basic Republic of Opportunities) One Sim Loads All Dealership Powered by LoadCentral Income of not only 5 ways BUT 8 WAYS TO EARN THE MOST GENEROUS COMPENSATION PLAN as compared with other One Sim Loads All Companies.

20 access cards x 250 each = 5,000 Note: no need to change sim, just use your existing sim. Hence, I decided to put up a definitive, step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook for free using a Globe or TM sim card.

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