This Woman Is SO Happy About Her New Chewbacca Mask It Will Brighten Your DayThis Is Not A Roller Coaster.
Good Morning Poems for Friends: Tweeting inspirational quotes, sharing cute pins on Pinterest, posting throwback pictures on Facebook, sending sweet messages by text and poking your besties with something funny on WhatsApp – there are a zillions ways in which you can start the day with a smile on your face and bring one on your friends’ faces too.
If you are having deep, personal, romantic conversations with someone behind your partner’s back, if you are still harboring feelings for someone else, if you are seriously considering other possibilities while still completely attached to your current flame — you are being an asshole and should stop it.
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It’s insane how many people don’t acknowledge the myriad ways that someone can be cheated on that don’t actually involve sex. Do you really think that your partner finding out that you’ve been exchanging passionate emails with an ex is going to be that much less destructive than having slept with someone else? I mean, in many cases, knowing that there were actual feelings involved make it all the worse, as it can’t just be brushed off as a drunken mistake.
Friendship comes without expectations and is one of the most innocent and beautiful relationships in life.

Let’s at least provide each other the decency of breaking up with our partners before engaging in Nicholas Sparks-esque gchats with the cute girl from work.
Make sure that the first thing your best friends read in the morning are the wishes and greetings that have come straight from your heart.

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