Bring some fun into your presentation with a 3d style graph background template for your presentation. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. An intensive, 4-week online workshop designed to accelerate leaders to become change agents for the future.
The latest book, Poke The Box is a call to action about the initiative you're taking - in your job or in your life, and Seth once again breaks the traditional publishing model by releasing it through The Domino Project.

Seth's most personal book, a look at the end of the industrial economy and what happens next. More than 3,000,000 copies downloaded, perhaps the most important book to read about creating ideas that spread. A short, illustrated, kids-like book that takes the last chapter of Icarus and turns it into something worth sharing. The bar graph is read left to right and seems to imply something about the declining relevance of Billygoats (even though close inspection shows that we expect high growth in billygoats next year).
The pie chart contains far less data, but the point is obvious: Trolls are where we should focus our energy.

I stepped on the toes of many data presentation purists yesterday, so let me reiterate my point to make it crystal clear: In a presentation to non-scientists (or to bored scientists), the purpose of a chart or graph is to make one point, vividly. Seth followed up his post about graphics with a specific post about pie charts versus bar charts.

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