That is where finding a great graphic designer who’s affordable at the same time is important if you want a positive outcome on your Print Ad.
Deciding how much to charge for a project is certainly not easy when you are new to freelancing. I really wish I could give you a perfect formula including variables that will determine the best price for your freelance services. However, there are certain aspects of pricing that may help you figure out the price that suits both you and your client.
Set aside the dilemma every time you are asked for a price quote, and first consider these variables that would solve the equation in the best way possible for you. The market rate is basically an average pay received by most of the designers who are at your level. An easy way to find out the market rate is to check on freelance platforms where job offers are put up. However, if you are fairly new to the market but are offering something your competitors aren’t, you can position yourself to be a designer who has a rare and unique technical skill unlike the rest.
On the other hand, someone with “extensive experience”, but an average reputation in the market won’t fare as well as someone who is renowned and has a fabulous reputation (testimonials, recognition, awards, etc.). One of the biggest dilemmas freelancers face is deciding whether to charge a client per hour or give a fixed quote.
Even if you set an hourly rate, your client will ask you how much it normally takes you to complete a project of that length. An easy of way to estimate the required time to complete a project is to make a list of tasks involved in the project and estimate the time it would take to complete each task including a margin to account for some uncertainties.

In my opinion it’s best to decide this based on two main factors: 1) experience and 2) the client.
Many freelancers prefer to charge an initial flat rate for a project that is clearly specified in the contract (along with the scope of the project). Very important when print ads have expiration dates or limited time in newspapers or magazines, time is money. So, it’s one of those situations where one can only show you “the way”, and the rest depends on you and the situation. If you’ve simply started with your freelance graphic design career, you might have a difficult time convincing your clients why you should charge more than the market rate. This will require a little convincing and maybe some proof instead a whole lot of “years of experience”. It’s safe to say that most clients prefer the flat rate because it keeps freelancers from abusing the hourly contract and charging too much for a small amount of work.
You should be able to give a rough estimate of how long you think it would take and that would allow the client to decide whether or not he wants to hire you. If you’re a beginner who hasn’t had enough experience to estimate the amount of time it would take to do a certain task, it is better to start off your career with a flat rate. If the client demands more work that is beyond the work required for the original project (which is also specified in the contract), the freelancer would charge an hourly pay for any extra work. It will include details such as estimated time (and what happens if it takes longer to complete), how many revisions of the first draft, pricing, cancellation conditions, amount of after-sales support, and more).
The print ad has to catch your audience and enough of them to bring in enough traffic to your business to be worth the cost of the print ad..

There is no perfect “recipe” that would cook up the best, most reasonable quote for you and your clients in all situations.
For example, if you target US clients, they may be able to pay you more than a client who is in China or India. If not, you can check on a client’s or competitor’s websites, or simply ask other freelance graphic or web designers what they normally charge.
In fact many new freelancers are often bidding at the lowest rates just to earn a couple of projects for the sake of building their portfolio. On the other, a fixed rate might end up in the client abusing the contract and asking for too much work that is beyond the scope of the project. Then there’s the difference between the fishes and the big sharks in the water (the small businesses and the large ones). It goes without saying that the more experience you have in the field, the more likely you are to get a higher pay. If you’re targeting small businesses, the market rate for the fishes will differ from that of the sharks that are willing to pay much more because the scope and scale of the projects will be much bigger as well.

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