The reality of the matter is that the more we do not feel like praying, the more we ought to pray.
These reasons, though not in any way exhaustive, constitutes the purpose of prayer It is through prayer that we enforce God’s will on earth and in our lives.
Through prayers, we commune with the Lord, know what is on His mind for our lives and for every situation that we present to Him. James 5:16 tells us that as we confess our sins and pray one for another, that we would be healed. According to Matthew 26:41, we need to watch and PRAY if we are to avoid falling into temptations. The reality of the matter is that the greatest privilege every challenge we face provide to us is the opportunity to pray and see results in our favour.

Until God draws you to a place of prayer voluntarily or compulsorily, you cannot truly and fully understand His purpose for your life.
He is also committed to answering the prayer for forgiveness and salvation of the non-believer.
In fact, His word declares that if our sins be as scarlet, God is asking us to come and rub minds together with Him on it and He will wash us and we will be white as snow Isaiah 1:18. Believe me beloved, the prayer of forgiveness and salvation for yourself or for another is one of the greatest prayers you can ever pray, and you know what; it is guaranteed an answer. 2.Father, forgive me of any sin of indulgence that has contributed to my present spiritual state. 5.I come against you foul spirit of prayerlessness, I bind and cast you out of my life in the name of Jesus.

6.I pull down and demolish every satanic altar raised against my spiritual life right now in Jesus’ name.
7.In Jesus’ name, I command every demon of lukewarmness, coldness, spiritual apathy, fear of prayer and spiritual dryness to get out of my life right now.

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