A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. Northen Turgovians come in many shapes and sizes here are some examples of our soldiers of freedom and liberation.
Howardian foot soldiers are recognized and appreciated at home and throughout the world for their unique respect of human life and love for humanitarianism.
Last edited by The Anglo-Saxon Empire on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:45 pm, edited 3 times in total. Since Alsatia is a Post MT Pre FT nation (even though I don't RP here) there are some really nifty combat uniforms. Qwendra has been resurrected and is looking for players who want to start anew and shape a government!

However, our small military's primary purpose is containing and operating within Pygmalia, the province quarantined due to a catastrophic zombie epidemic, which will hopefully explain to the confused our unusual choice of combat armor.
779475.jpg This photo was taken during the Turgov Civil War and shows two Kalakdan soldiers in a Turgovan village. Aside from behavioral modifications and neurological implants, this also introduces subtle biomodification. Most of the time solidiers are undercover ready to ambush certain people that are enemies of the government, no matter where they are. The Naval Infantry serve as a more rapid, more elite force available to the Supreme Soviet when the People's Army would be too blunt, or too cumbersome an instrument.
The musculature and bone structure are, over a period of weeks, reshaped in order to be stronger in some areas, and weaker (with exposed nerve clusters for accessability) in others.

If so, join Lineartinc today, Nationstates' only lineart community!We welcome people of any skill level, from first-timers to veteran artists. The Commonwealth Guards are an elite organization made up of soldiers specifically recommended by their CO's from the People's Army for advanced service.Various militias are organized across the country, by municipalities, and supported by limited numbers of equipment and vehicles loaned to them by the People's Army.
In wartime these militias form divisions in the People's Army, but in the past they have been used effectively as less conventional troops, serving as a light raiding force ahead of the army. Notable on this rifle is the high-capacity helical magazine, as well as the quickly adjustable fire rate.

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