He lived in a city in Oregon with his parents, Johnathan and Margraet, and his older brother, Liu. Oneday, Liu and Jeff were walking to school when they were attacked by Troy, keith, and Randy. When Jeff was 10, his father, a police officer, got promoted to FBI and so the Wood family moved to another town. Jeff and Liu both went to the different schools, Jeff going into 4th grade and Liu going into 11th grade.

Jeff became friends with Scott Handes, a young boy who wanted to be a hairdresser, Timothy Jackson and his cousin Richard Stevens who both liked to wear masks. Later that day, the police were called by neighbors and were about to arrest Jeff, until Liu came and convinced the police that he had beaten up Troy, Keith, and Randy and was taken off to Juvy, leaving Jeff devasted.
Jeff got along well with Liu's new friends Jane Thomspon, Jack Lessner, Benjamin Drowning, Nina Perez, and Renee Johanson.
All of Liu's friends began to dislike Jeff for what had happened, and was shadowed by everyone.

Many of Liu's friends became attracted to Jeff because of his cute appearance and kind and creative personality. Jeff got along well with Liu's girlfriend Lucy Cartelle, who he saw as a big sister figure.

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