For many parents, it can be frustrating to watch their children struggle with their school work.
While many kids come after school, A Way to Learn offers classes during the day as well for those kids who need a little extra support. Jane Ross, Founder and Executive Director for Westport’s Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, agreed with Matera. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. They know their kids are intelligent, but too often it isn’t reflected in their grades. With report cards coming out before the holiday break, parents often look at the new year as a chance to get back on track.

For other parents, it may not be a learning disability that affects their children at all, but poor study habits that get in the way of a better report card. She had been teaching at the Eagle Hill school in Southport and tutoring in the afternoons and evenings. But the one trend Matera is seeing lately is an increase in kids from middle school to early college. She said it’s important to not only work on their academics but also to focus on eye contact, reading body language, making friends, and even how to handle recess. This often results in an inconsistent academic performance, like handing in unfinished work or missing deadlines. The two women share the same mission in spreading awareness about learning disabilities and how to tackle them.

With a team of trained professionals with extensive educational backgrounds, they can get your kids back on track. For a lot of these kids, Matera explained, learning how to manage their time and maintain a healthy level of organization is key.

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