The pair, who dated for the first time in 2007, were spotted out together in Atlanta over the weekend. Of all the details connected with Whitney Houston’s final days, this ranks among the most peculiar: she supposedly got into a fight with another woman—over Ray J. Brandy’s little brother might not be a household name, but he starred opposite Kim Kardashian in the leaked sex tape that launched her career. Houston didn’t mind the R & B singer canoodling with a houseful of women, because Ray J claimed it was just for the cameras.
Ray J—William Ray Norwood Jr.—grew up with aspirations of becoming a minister, but settled on a career as a child actor when he was cast in The Sinbad Show at 12.
If there are any holdouts for Ray J’s love, they haven’t read the 2006 book Confessions of a Video Vixen.
At the time of Houston’s divorce, Steffans tells The Daily Beast, “Bobby was crashing at my house, because he didn’t have a place to go.
One of the most common questions being asked in recent weeks almost continuously is who is this female Chelsea Physio? Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State via The NATION : More facts also emerged yesterday [Apr. LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ray J and Whitney Houston were dating off and on for several years. On February 3, LALATE reported news that Ray J and Whitney Houston were back together dating.
In 2008, Ray J and Whitney Houston turned heads when they appeared in Atlanta on what was believed to be their first ever date.
On Saturday, insiders said that Houston and Bobby Brown were still exceptionally close, and still in love.
And while Ray J’s relationship with Bobby Brown remains unknown, the bigger issue today are reported missed calls from Houston to Ray J moments before her death.
During an exchange, however, with Stacy Francis (The X Factor), Houston allegedly got heated.

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Whitney Houston and Ray J are back together dating again, claims a new report.
Brandy continues saying, “He was like, ‘Well, that’s what they’re gonna think, but I’m telling you the truth and I’m not dating Whitney. I agree with Antoinette, you r correct, Love who u want to love ray j and don’t be concerned what ppl think, she was a awesome woman with a amazing voice that had struggles, but she also deserved to have been loved. However, Houston sparked rumours she has reconciled with Ray J after the pair was snapped enjoying a night out at The Capital Grille restaurant on Thursday (11Nov10). Brandy, a breakout singing sensation of the 1990s (“I Wanna Be Down”), grew up worshiping Houston.
He’s a nurturing and protective boyfriend, and he seemed to have Houston’s best interest at heart, friends say.
One source points to how—just like Brown—Ray J was trying to pitch a reality TV series with him and Houston. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonThose who know Ray J say he’s always been a hard worker when it comes to his career. Patrick's Day celebrations came early for these students who were busted getting down and dirty by a Delaware dumpster. But questions about Ray J and Whitney Houston’s final days together still remained unanswered tonight. They would appear on sporadic dates off and on over the years, as covered on LALATE from 2008 to this month. Reports also claimed that Houston and Brown would often vacation together with Brown’s current girlfriend. Supposedly Ray J told Whitney that he was only doing the show for exposure for his upcoming projects.
In an interview with The Rap Up magazine, Brandy says: “Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend. Whitney and I are just really good friends and that’s it.’ When I ask Whitney, she says the same thing, unless they are just pulling the wool over my eyes.

The couple was seen cozying up at the eaterie before leaving together, reports the New York Daily News. One of his most prominent roles was as a supporting character in Brandy’s TV series Moesha. His inner circle has asked the same questions the rest of us have: Do you ever wonder why the lighting was so good? He’s released five albums on independent music labels and promoted them heavily, even when it wasn’t easy.
But Ray J was never spotted in the company of Brown and Houston, together, in the same way. We never really got confirmation that Ray J and Whitney were actually a dating…but we definitely do know that they hang out quite often. Now that she’s gone, if it was true, I hope that you would have the strength to stand and be a man.
According to friends, they had been casually seeing each other since her split with Bobby Brown in 2007. She finally got to work with her idol in a 1997 made-for-TV movie version of Cinderella in which Houston played the fairy godmother.
Not only was she confident, poised, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, but she was sincere and kind.
He’s the 31-year-old star of VH1’s For the Love of Ray J, a dating show that was a cross between The Bachelor and Flavor of Love.

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