The trick is that you need to get the iPhone ready for you to rearrange icons (by tapping and holding on any app icon) then drag one onto another. Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter. Before you can share files or folders with other users on your network, you must make sure that File and Printer Sharing is enabled. If you do not see this as an option, you may have to install this Windows component before you can share files. Once File and Printer Sharing is enabled, you can share a folder by right-clicking on it and selecting Sharing and Security. When Simple File Sharing is disabled, the Sharing tab in the Properties dialog box will look different.
You will see a Permissions button which will allow you to specify the users who can have access to the folder.
You can keep your applications and home screen organized by creating folders for similar applications.
1.From the Application list, touch and hold an application icon you want to put on a folder. 3.Drag the floating app icon to the Create folder icon on the upper right part of the screen.
4.Dragging the icon to the Remove icon will remove the shortcut from the folder or the Home screen. Select the Continuous Protection check box to enable data protection through snapshots and configure how often snapshots are taken.

How do I view and change the properties of a shared folder on my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system?
How do I access a shared folder on my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system by using a network-attached Windows device?
What are basic Snapshot concepts I need to understand before operating my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system? After a second or so, they both are dropped into a folder, which you can then assign a custom name. You can do this by going to the Control Panel (Start, Control Panel) and selecting the Network Connections applet. First, click on Install, then select Service, and check File and Printer Sharing fro Microsoft Networks. If this is the first time you are sharing files on this computer, you may see a link that will allow you to run the Network Setup Wizard (this link would be under the Network sharing and security section of the Sharing tab). If you want other people on the network to be able to change the files in this folder, make sure the check box next to Allow network users to change my files is selected. This feature allows other users on the network to access your shared files without having to know a password. Some Galaxy phones having an older OS may require a slightly different procedure, but once you have learned how to create and manage folders using this tutorial, then doing it on other devices will be a breeze. You can either move the icon to another folder, put it on the home screen, or delete the application icon. The comments and forum posts are property of their posters, all the rest ® 2003-2015 by QD Ideas, LLC.

For more information on creating a volume, see the How do I create a volume on my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system? Click the New Folder button to the right of the volume to which you want to add a shared folder.
Compression saves storage space and increases the speed of data transfers, but the compression and decompression processes require additional resources. If you want to set more specific permissions for the folders you want to share over the network, you will have to disable Simple File Sharing. Take note that deleting an application icon from a folder does not uninstall the application. However, it is important to note that deleting a folder does not uninstall any applications on it.
For more information about snapshots, see the What are basic Snapshot concepts I need to understand before operating my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system? To do this, first, open a Windows Explorer window by double-clicking on My Computer or My Documents.
Next, select Tools, Folder Options, View and in the Advanced Settings section make sure Use simple file sharing is not selected. All of these topics are covered here, from creating your first folder on your Samsung Galaxy phone to modifying its name and changing its color.

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