So I have the same issues others are having with not being able to update on my rooted N10 except, I can't go into recovery. I can't toggle anything, up and down buttons do not work to go into recovery, reset bootloader, start device etc..
But I can hold the power button down and then restart the device and everything works fine. My only thinking is that I am going to have to go into ADB, but I'm not even sure if that's going to work. I must have gotten mixed up because on my N7 and N4 I believe both of those are Power + Volume down to boot to recovery.
Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon Galaxy S3 Stuck on "Odin Mode" for no reason? That key sequence is rather timing dependent - you should continue to hold all three keys until you see the Recovery menu.

If you still get taken to the Download screen, take the battery out, then remove your SIM card and SD card (if present). Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This is a Samsung exclusive way of flashing your device but usually isn't used on the Nexus line. Thanks for the info, by the way I tried what you said - (Power + Volume Up) twice and it only restarted the tablet.
Since around 2 days ago, my Galaxy S 3 would have a black screen pop up for literally no reason, and it would mean it's turned off. It wouldn't power on if I pressed the home button or power button, so I took out the battery then put it back in. It's used commonly on branded Samsung devices like the S3 for rooting and restoring a device to stock.

Et Ca me semble pas excessif suivant le debit que tu peux avoir et l'hebergeur du fichier ( en mode free, beaucoup d'hebergeurs brident le debit ). Remove the battery, reinsert the SIM card and SD card, replace the battery and see if the phone boots normally. Si j'enleve la batterie, et je la remet, le telephone se rallume tout seul et tombe sur le download mode.

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