Rebbeca Martinson, the University of Maryland student who gained web notoriety after her insane sorority e-mail went viral, now has an advice column. In her first effort, Rebecca Martinson offers some advice to female readers about how to get a guy you meet at the bar to text you the following day.
Stars Rebecca Martinson Rebecca Martinson Advice Column: How Do You Get a Guy to Text You the Next Day?

If there's anyone who knows how to administer tough love or lay the smack down on BroBible readers when needed, it's R-Mart. And begins with the observation that "to most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole." Becks always cuts to the chase. To most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole, and with each cranberry vodka you slurp down you're both less likely to remember what either of you talked about.

Is it mentioned anywhere in there that he's out trying to find a girl with a lovely personality and who cooks like Paula Deen on a crack binge while simultaneously being Jenna Jameson in the sack?

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