How often do you find yourself wishing your sales team could simply "do better?" If you are like most sales managers, the answer is probably at least once a week. That's what having the vision is all about.The next step is to put this vision into action through constant reinforcement.
But without any firmer sense of what these would mean in the real world, they turn into empty rhetoric.

What you want from your sales team, and yourself, is bound to change over time, so review your vision once a year or so, and be sure that it's still in line with what you want to achieve.As the old saying goes, you can't really get anywhere until you know where you're going. Having a strong sales vision for your team is a good way to define your direction, and to become a better sales leader. As usual the majority of retailers are making us SEE RED, some however have broken the mould, Gap have gone Green, Monsoon have treated us to an orange and pink combo and Next have gone with multi coloured shapes, some have decided not to pass on the VAT increase, but there’s nothing particularly astonishing out there (and no sign of an apology for the over inflated Christmas prices).

Elements ranged from large format posters, to swing tickets and window flashes.A A summer season promotional sale for Dorothy Perkins.

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