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Of course, one of them has to be from the wrong side of the tracks, and their relationship is forbidden (it always has to be forbidden), and just when it seems like they’ll never be together, BAM!
From the left, that’s Lustre Lipstick in Myself, Cremesheen Lipstick in A Novel Romance, Matte Lipstick in Good Kisser, Matte Lipstick in Hearts Aflame, Matte Lipstick in Lingering Kiss and Cremesheen Lipstick Yield to Love (the one online exclusive). Like our intrepid lovers, something also brings these six lipsticks together, and that something is the quads. A Novel Romance, the pale pink, is technically also a matte, but it, too, has a subtle sheen. Intensely opaque and smoother than a bodybuilder’s waxed chest, this light pink is surprisingly wearable. And I feel like the sixth shade, Myself, a sheer, shimmery nude beige, would also look great with smokey eyes (dark).

If you’re interested, these six shades and the rest of the MAC A Novel Romance collection arrive online August 14. Are the RiRi Hearts MAC Lipsticks in Nude, Talk That Talk, Who’s That Chick and RiRi Woo Channeling the ’90s? Your husband must LOVE this collection, if only for your photos… haha ?? Gorgeous lady!
Twista is gearing to release his new album Dark Horse on August 12th so it’s warm up time for him.
Olivia Wilde walks back to her car after picking up a cup of coffee from Kindkreme Vegan Ice Cream on Friday (February 3) in Los Angeles.
Olivia is a gorgeous woman and she is a vegan too :) So that means she is my ideal woman and there’s nothing wrong with her legs! I feel like you can wear any of the lipsticks from this collection with any of quads, and they’ll look great.

Cool matte pastels have a history of not working out for me (hello, Viva Glam Nicki 2), but this one plays nice. It’s not the most daring or lusty lipstick in the release, but it balances with the other colors in the collection nicely. Five of them will be available in stores and at counters August 21 (Myself, A Novel Romance, Good Kisser, Hearts Aflame and Lingering Kiss), while Yield to Love will be an online exclusive on the MAC website. And I agree, there is nothing wrong with her legs or with her clothes, it’s just casual and comfortable. I see them as flirty with a kiss of shine that makes them interesting and gives them dimension.

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