When my birthday finally came around and I found myself in a new set of circumstances which were outside of my control, I wanted to work on something that was solely in my control.
In my earlier blog I talked about stepping out and doing what I loved, instead of putting it off and endlessly procrastinating.
At the time of choosing my previous theme, I was more concerned about getting my blog up and running with a theme that I liked but may not have particularly loved. Finding the right theme was a bit of a lengthy process but when I came across the theme I wanted, I just knew! Being a techie novice, the process was a huge learning curve but one I have thoroughly enjoyed.
I’ve had some really nice comments on my work (which still is in progress), words of encouragement, as well advice on what I need to work on. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I posted this request – Give Me One Motivational Quote That Changed Your Life – in the Motivation Nation Group found in the social network of LinkedIn.
In addition to the quotes some of the contributors – whose names appear at the front of each of the quotes – have added some of their own personal insights into the quotes. I trust that the wisdom shared by these ones, whose lives were changed by a motivational quote, will add great value to your life.
Prince Bhavik • The unforgivable crime is soft hitting.Do not hit at all if it can be avoided,but never hit softly. Prince Bhavik • People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character. Prince Bhavik • The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain,he is inspired by it. Paul Murphy • When I came across this quote it explained exactly how I have led my life and is now our business philosophy. Omar Rivas • The 2 greatest days in a human beings life is the day they are born, and the day they discover why. Brigitte Moors • ” Every little thing that happens in our life is an opportunity to grow towards something greater.
Lance Miller • It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.
Failure Brings With It The Seed Of An Equivalent Success”Both have had a considerable effect on my life and continue to do so.
Mark McKenzie • Your mind moves in the direction of your most dominant thought and what you focus on expands. Govind Babu • If YOU want the things YOU have never had, You should be prepared to do the things YOU have never done. OneRepublic recently joined up to support the Starkey Hearing Foundation and posted so via their Facebook page! Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala To Honor Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, Barbara Bush and More! DO GOOD EXCLUSIVE: Starkey Hearing Foundation Raises A Whopping EIGHT Million Dollars In One Night!
Previous PostAlec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, Donna Karan and more attend Bent On Learning Inspire! At CES they had kids headphones that only went to a certain level to keep their ears from being damaged. I don’t think I have heard them, but kudos to them for supporting such a great cause! I have never heard of them before but am really glad they have banded together with other caring groups to help the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Never listened to anything by them not really my style and my oldest is not a boyband kind of girl lol but its good to know they are trying to help. Wow, it’s inspiring and it makes me respect celebrities who goes for a cause on these things. I think it is so great when celebrities get involved with places like the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring those in need things like hearing aids. I think it is great when entertainers give back to their fans and the communities that they serve. Positive Celebrity News, Celebrity Charity Work, Celebrities Doing Good Things for Others, Celebs Paying it Forward.
At the beginning, it is useful to follow the instructions, but when you are getting the hang of it, you will discover the best folding techniques for yourself and maybe even a new way of folding paper planes. In order to make the plane fly straight, it must be as symmetrical as possible and the perforation lines must be properly folded.

Although flying paper planes is harmless entertainment that is also suitable for indoors and a fun activity for children’s birthday parties, it still could not hurt to apply common sense.
It is not a paper plane in the regular sense, as it does not fly horizontally but rotates to the ground. Cut a strip of paper about 10 cm long and 2 cm wide and use scissors to make three incisions like shown in Figure 1.
To make the helicopter fly better, you can attach a small weight, such as a paper-clip, on the bottom end.
This is the simplest paper plane that each parent should know how to make from back when they were kids. Now fold the upper corners of the paper into the centre making sure that the curve of the paper’s centre line bends towards you, not the table. A striking paper plane resembling a fighter is made of tinted paper and carries marks of identification. 20 games enclosed with the cards help to introduce the world of letters through fun and play! 20 games enclosed with the cards help to introduce the world of maths through fun and play! Women with natural hair often manipulate their hair quite heavily when it comes to styling. Reasons: The curve of curly natural hair makes it able to grow into the skin instead of out of the follicle especially if it was shaved to a very short length. Over the past month I’ve thought a lot about changes and new things, new opportunities, reflecting on my life and where I want it to go.
Now that I was getting used to writing as often as I could, I started to focus more on the functionality of my theme and had a need for something different, something a little more sophisticated.
I learnt a lot about widgets, a bit of code and how rewarding it was to see the fruits of your labor at every stage. I’m pleased to say my ‘social media guru’ was impressed by my novice efforts and inspires me to keep going. When ever I feel something is too big to challenge I think of this great quote and break everything down into little steps.That way I never feel overwhelmed. We shall not fear evil, weakness or loneliness, because even in the worse times God is there with us, telling our hearts to find the way.
It really encapsulates going out there and living your life, even when it’s a bit daunting. The one who works with their hands and mind is a craftsman, but the one who works with their hands, their mind and their heart is an artist whose work enriches the world forever. 1 in 8 children and teens in America has preventable, permanent hearing loss from overexposure to loud sounds.
I am glad people are finally realizing that LOUD music being blasted directly into the ear is not good! I knew that loud sounds were hard on the ears, but I didn’t know people were actually going deaf from listening to their music too loud. It’s nice to see that they are using their celebrity to draw attention and support such a worthy cause! Also, it is a necessary skill for all fathers, who wish to establish themselves as all-knowing heads of the family. It develops spatial thinking and hand dexterity and offers joy and excitement to adults as well.
Newspapers are somewhat thin and only suitable for making small planes, since a big plane will be too flabby. Unsymmetrical planes can be used for different tricks, for example for trying to make the plane around corners. Sometimes, for an unknown reason, a properly folded plane will not fly well, so there is nothing else to do than to fold a new one.
Everyone can quickly learn how to fold simple planes, but more complicated planes that are made in a few dozen steps even seriously test the wit and dexterity of adults.
It is easy to make and also fun for girls who are not too keen on planes or the world of technology. It is relatively easy to fold and definitely deserves a try, because it does not require a strong throw, but if folded carefully, it glides straight and far. Now fold the upper corners of the paper to the centre, making sure that the curve of the paper’s centre line bends towards the folder not the table.
Fold back the end of the sharp tip that has been folded upwards to give the plane a stronger nose. Although its heavy nose needs a strong throw, the nose is sturdy and resistant to collisions.

Now unfold the paper and fold the square into a rectangle along the existing fracture lines.
Now use the narrow paper strip to make a tail, folding the strip lengthwise, so that there would be a fracture line in the middle.
Fold the two corners of the double triangle that are on your side upwards to the tip of the triangle.
Care has to be taken to be gentle to hair as certain practices can lead to damage to the scalp and hair loss which can be irreversible. Often people with this will have at one point seen white flecking (white dots) at the area of concern. New hair is needed to take over the area and do remember that a full hair cycle can be quite long. It is a scarring form of alopecia which means that the hair follicles are destroyed and therefore new hair will not grow.
I’d love to know what you think of the theme (constructive comments welcome!), what have been your experiences of setting up a blog for the first time, what tips or advice you can give on what it takes to maintain a blog. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do. If the answer is no, then you are closed off to new ideas, answering yes means the sky is the limit. Please excuse any English mistake) I like to use it with my trainee to extract their life purpose. Along with other celebrities, OneRepublic showed their support on social media for Listen Carefully, a national awareness campaign from Starkey Hearing Foundation to raise the awareness for the issue and prevent a hearing loss epidemic.
In addition to writing paper, thicker magazine paper is also very good for making paper planes.
It is a light plane that does not require a strong throw to fly, but its fragile nose gets dented easily when it collides with an obstacle. If the plane happens to pull up or down abruptly, the back parts of the wings should be slightly bent upwards or downwards respectively. To do so, fold the shorter edge of the paper sheet against the longer side and cut off the rest of the paper.
Fix the nose by sticking the two corners that you previously folded upwards in the pockets on the sides of the triangle’s tip. A full hair cycle is estimated to take upto 3 years but can be much longer for some (for example if hair grows to waistlength or longer, the hair cycle is around 5 years). After working on another WordPress blog of a friend, I really liked the how the platform performed and its capabilities. I just saw this today and my circumstances at this point in time were perfect for the quote. This is an amazing charity and we have had the opportunity to cover the Starkey Hearing Foundation gala for the past 3 years.
If the paper is too thick, it is hard to fold properly and flying the plane requires more strength.
If you wish to see it fly longer, throw the helicopter straight up as high as you can or toss it down from a higher spot. The nose of the plane can be made reinforced by folding the upper edge of the paper in two. To do so, use scissors to make an incision in the tail end towards the nose and fold the tail rudder so it would be three-dimensional. Put the remaining narrow edge to one side, since you will need it later to make the falcon’s tail. Therefore it is estimated that complete recovery can take 2-4 years i.e the time period for the hair follicles in the region to get to a new anagen phase. For Selling Power Magazine, March 2011 Interview on Todd Lamb, Director of Sales, Under Armour Company Mission: To make ALL athletes better. Instead it gave me a new focus and a new sense of achievement and now I’m wondering what else I’m capable of! Athletic clothing and performance gear is a very competitive market with some large and formidable players. It has been empowering to say the least and evidence of never underestimating what you can do if you set your mind to it!

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