Summer Play Creativity: Guangzhou fertile sister to accompany children into the community over the summer! Fifty years ago, New Zealand sent combat troops to Vietnam and signed the New Zealand Australia Free Trade Agreement and the last steam express on the main trunk line puffed its way from Auckland to Wellington.Men and women were marrying and having families at a young age while their heavy-smoker parents and grandparents were dropping dead of heart disease and strokes at near-record numbers. Such 'art watermelon' eat engaging, each price between 20-50 yuan in sales is booming, are carved and sold, demand is understood that 30-year-old Zhang Yunxiao from Xiangzhou countryside, staying in Xiangyang Yuliangzhou his childhood love of hand-carved watermelon carved exquisite pieces of art at the same time to attract people to come to buy, but mainly because of this art pursuit and love.

It certainly was different."And when Loren's grandmother, Beverley Woolcott, looks at her granddaughter competing in road cycling around the country, she sees the precious gift of freedom. A gift she was denied.The daughter of a strict Englishman, Beverley grew up in a privileged family in Wellington's Lyall Bay. And life just keeps getting longer.A As part of a new series - the 'Facts of Life' - Nikki Macdonald investigates how Kiwis live and die today compared with 50 years ago.

They avoided the worst of World War II rationing because her sister was sickly and needed building up.

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