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Tales of the weird and strange that lurk in the shadows of Fresno and the surrounding area.
Something strange lurks underneath the waters of Millerton Lake.Earlier this week I received a phone call on the Weird Fresno hotline (yes I have a hotline) from a local resident who said he and his family witnessed something strange on their outing to Millerton Lake on Sunday. Kevin the town of Millerton never suffered a tragic flood, the area was flooded when Friant Dam was built. I can refer you to my colleagues who can help you with copywriting, website planning, and basic content management.

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The lake is built on and over what use to be the town of Millerton until a tragic flood rip through it making it what is Millerton Lake today. I go fishing there here and there during the spring when the lake is drain and surely I haven't seen anything. My brother and a few friends gone fishing there when the dam was full and saw some amazingly overgrown carp claiming them to be sizes of motorcycles. One note: catfish is rumored to have an unlimited growth size, take their cousin that was fished out of the menkong river in Thailand.

Oh and on one note sturgeons are naturally salt waters but like salmons swim up into fresh waters to mate and reproduce then making their way back to the sea, the size and years are correct though.

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