So ladies, next time you are getting ready for a date, just remember LESS is MORE.  To learn more about the type of woman that appeals to a man, click here. The single most attractive thing that you have to have when trying to attract a guy is self confidence. Personality is really more important than looks for a number of reasons, but when trying to attract a certain guy, make it a point to look your best.
It is old-fashioned to think that a girl should not begin a conversation with a guy she is interested in.
One of the biggest turnoffs to guys, or anyone for that matter, is someone that is way too forward or pesky. Once you succeed in attracting a guy or approaching a guy the best thing to do is create false time constraint. In conclusion the three key pieces of advice that will help you to get a guy are to display self confidence, have an open mind, and most importantly be yourself. There is no 100% effective secret how to get a guy formula just the same as there is no secret how to get a woman formula. If you have to change who you are and how you act to get a certain guy than that guy is not the right kind of guy for you.
No matter how kind, funny, or intelligent someone is, appearance and attraction is very important. You should dress in the cloths that make you the most confident, and that you feel comfortable with.

By following this advice you will greatly improve your chances at finding a guy and finding love.
Ironically enough however most of these articles online are written by women so I thought it may be helpful for all those women out there looking for love to have some advice from a guy himself on how to get a guy. However if you take the time to read my advice on how to get a guy I guarantee you will at least increase your chances with men. It is possible to attract a certain guy without coming off like a stalker or appearing too forward. So don’t set your sights on one particular guy and try to do everything in a particular way in order to attract him.
After all, when someone is not physically attracted in the least, a relationship is not likely to develop.
Depending on the occasion it’s sometimes very alluring to wear color contact lenses as it really catches attention. Not only does this express friendliness when trying to attract a certain guy, but it also shows genuine interest. You really don’t want to wear out your welcome especially when you first meet someone. The first myth of all these articles online on how to get a guy is that many of them say that you can get any guy you want if you follow their steps. It’s not hard to tell when someone is acting a certain way with the sole intent of trying to get someone else to like them.

Looks is a matter of personal preference, but attempting to look attractive can make a difference between being noticed and blending in with the crowd. If the man is truly friendly he will respond, and in time this simple gesture will result in a conversation. The best way to get to know someone is on a first date and not in a crowded bar, club, or concert. Guys will pick up on this instantly and have a better impression of you if you have great posture. This is a great attention getter for guys as the eyes are one of the first things we look at when we see a woman.
If the attraction and interest is mutual, the conversation might result in the exchange of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or even a first date. It’s best to chat for about 10-15 min or so and then have an excuse to get out of the situation.
Be sure to give the guy your number, if you are interested, and if he is genuinely interested he will give you call. Do not become a stalker in any sense of the word, and give Cupid room to shoot his magic arrow and hit his mark.

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