Wear a well fitted dress (men love women in dresses), along with a flirty and sensuous makeup to enhance your natural beauty, and don’t forget about a perfume (but be light handed with it).
One of the best love advice that works really well is: learn to be able to have a good, interesting and meaningful conversation with a guy.
Listen to what a person has to say, it will help you make a positive impression and also, it will help the other person understand that you really like him and are ready to open up your ears for what he has to say. You can playfully touch the hand of a guy in between your conversation (don’t overdo it though). Various studies by the researchers and psychologists followed by various surveys have shown that people with distinct eye color leave an impact in our personalities which dictates their specific behaviors and characteristics.
Green eyed people are hard working and passionate about everything they do whether it is about their profession or their personal lives. People with Green eyes are also said to have a mystical personality which makes them have a curious and Charismatic personality.
Green eyed people with the rarity of their eye color are found to be the most charming and good looking people. I have green eyes(not hazel) but when my eyes dilate under ambient sunlight they appear brown. These types of colognes seem to seduce women very well when worn in close proximities.  I always think that if you are going out on a date and trying to seduce women closer to you that you would have to have your look great and keep your scent in order.  Even though there are tons of designer fragrances out there, nothing compares to a colognes that has pheromones in it, right? I also even used Chikara pheromones because I like how it smells very much like Acqua di Gio.  I like 2 sprays on my pulse points and this pheromone cologne really does work well to draw the ladies closer to you. So, the next time you are considering going out for the night and want to impress the ladies with a scent of attraction so wild, then, you may want to consider pheromones as your first option.  It has worked well for me. Livingston, Illinois: Futuro, Beach Guy, Elephant, Twistee TreatLots to look at and ice cream to eat. Giant Beach Guy This giant Figure called "Beach Guy" is at Pink Elephant Antiques in Livingston, IL (Madison County). Beach Guy The Beach Guy, as he has been called, is a recent addition to the scenery of I-55 at the old Livingston school. Giant Beach Guy This guy stands by the old Livingston High School, which is now an antique mall.
Beach Guy and Pink Elephant I was looking for this sight and stumbled upon it accidentally because I like going antique shopping. There are a few other tips on flirting for women to let the things go in a right direction. A hint of feminine sensuality and charm can do wonders for a relationship to start naturally. Wear your sweetest smile and be a little flirty at a same time, this will help to keep a guy’s interest and his eyes only on you. Try to find out what are his likes and preferences, and also let him know about your own hobbies and interests. Touching and tickling on his palm is a great way to make him understand that you are attracted to him.
Tell a guy that he looks great, that you love his style or that you really like his perfume. Green-eyed people are known as being very special as Green eyes are among the rarest eye colors in the world.

Men with Green eyes are seen as most handsome and they seem to attract and have strong influence on women due to their dreamy green colored eyes. Green eyed people are highly intellectual and are gifted with razor sharp mind which can easily assess each situation in life. I like to spray pheromones on my skin and clothes but on this night, I only used it on my skin. I often noticed the seductive reaction that I got from them upon getting near them.  Although, Max Attraction gold is scented, there is no doubt that the invisible pheromone scent was working well to my benefit. I enjoyed this immensely and never told anybody about my little secret.  Not even my friends. No more lonely night for me and I have transformed myself from a boy to superman among the ladies. This location features a large pink elephant and 2 interesting half-elephants attached to the building. Although called the Beach Guy, this statue actually came from a gay bar in the Soulard area of St.
I don't know where he came from, but the Pink Elephant used to grace the grounds of the Coliseum in Benld, Illinois which was also an antique mall. Evidently, there's been a problem with unsupervised children going into the store to see the muffler man, so anyone under 16 must be supervised by an adult. Nowadays women are more confident and smart, as compared to the women of earlier generations.
This way you can spend a quality time together discussing things that interest both of you, so that you, as well as your partner in conversation can explore and find out more about each other. Just keep on staring right at his eyes for a few seconds and then look down, repeat it again after 10-15 minutes (you can use this flirting tip couple of times during the evening, it should look natural, not awkward).
I guess that is why most of supernatural characters whether it is a shape shifting cats with glowing green eyes, witches or most of the Disney animated villain characters have green eyes. Ever heard of the term ‘Green eyed Monster’ coined by the famous Shakespeare in his plays Merchant of Venice and Othello?
They are always filled with brilliant ideas which can create various methods to achieve their respective goals. They are gifted to think differently than others and have the ability to process and learn information more rapidly. The fact that you can think about a lot of things and question yourself in life; and also if your a quick learner.
Women find this type of pheromone attractant quite irresistible on me and I love the feeling it gives me when I am out on the town. The Coliseum was famous for the big bands that played for dances back in the 1930s, '40s and '50s.
No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. However, they are common in some countries like Iceland where the people with green color are in majority.
A person with Green eyes will bring gifts and flowers to you even when it is not a special day. There are many myths and legends about supernatural creatures such as vampires and mermaids having green eyes that bewitch their victims with their eyes.

Then take a look at the Hollywood heartthrobs like Gerald Butler, Robert Pattinson, Jensen Ackles, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale etc whose Green eyes are one of their prominent features that make them look so attractive.
When it comes to attraction, pheromones play a major role in unexpected interactions with women. The driveway to the house has no trespassing signs on it and there's a little gate, of sorts, blocking the entrance. It was displayed in front of the bar during the Soulard Mardi Gras and has nothing to do with a beach. Therefore it is natural that people with green eyes have a different allure which attract onlookers. Since they are passionate about their career they will excel their career profession than the rest. Green eyed people sometimes have a tendency to make you feel uncomfortable through their jealous actions and behavior.
I guess that is why Green eyes are said to be related to passion and sexual powerless as people with green eyes are naturally drawn to people. Once an icon in Soulard in February, the unique statue can now be enjoyed by the many travelers up and down old Route 66. People with green eyes are goal or result oriented and has the will to solve every problem in their way. They have a personality of being self sufficient who does not need anybody’s approval for their actions.
Their behavior would turn negative and unreasonable when they are jealous which will make you fell unsupported. The green eyed people have high observation skills and have a tendency to be curious about others. They have a great ability to assess through their life through using their inherent and effective skills.
Often love blossoms through gazing in each other eyes and eyes are a medium of becoming spell bound and portray our expression of our love. They are known to show passive aggression and veiled hostility through their behavior when jealous.
Looking into a person’s eye may give you a far deeper glimpse into his personality than you’d expect.
They do not allow distractions and focus on a singular path without any distractions or mental unrest. The most common eye color is brown followed by blue but the eye color such as Green, hazel, grey and black occurs due to the different ratios of color pigment in the iris.
They have clear sense of beliefs and have values as they see life as a series of choices and options which they willing to obey to live.They are passionate lovers and tend to have long lasting relationships. However eyes are not only the medium of expressing our feelings but its colors are also a medium to determine our personalities and traits. According to research, people with green eyes have the most fun loving and playful personalities.

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