A main reason for the increased number of Chinese studying abroad is the high score and intense preparation required to pass China’s national college entrance examination, called the Gaokao. During summer and winter holidays, Chinese students either go back China or travel across the U.S.
Due to the large gap in the cost of luxury goods inside and outside Mainland China, Chinese students shop frequently at luxury stores while they are in the U.S. Some Chinese students even start a side business of buying designer goods for their friends and strangers who come to them via Chinese social media. Contact Attract China to find out how you can benefit from a record number of independent Chinese tourists.
Vidya Balan to promote Ek Albela in her Geeta Bali look !Answer your phone – it could be Radhika Apte on the other end! Fitzerland policies change in effort to attract more studentsDaily file photo by Susan DuStudents grill at Fitzerland, the student-only tailgate section, before a football game. Wildside and the Division of Student Affairs implemented new policies last season to provide a more structured and safe environment for the student-only tailgate section north of Ryan Field but in the process deterred some students from attending both tailgates and games.
The regulations required students to show their WildCARDs to access the area and to provide photo identification to bring alcohol. Wildside co-president Evan Frost said the initial changes were largely led by the administration starting in 2013 after an intoxicated prospective student went to the hospital before a game. In China, the three-year, high-stress academic life in high schools (senior secondary schools) creates a miserable memory for students who have to sacrifice their sleep time for reciting textbooks and writing numerous assignments.

Those who choose to travel often first hit major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and then explore some destinations that are off the beaten path for deeper cultural experience. Popular road trip routes include California State Route 1 on the Pacific coast, Route 66 between Los Angeles and Chicago, East Coast from New England to Florida.
From high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, to affordable luxuries like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Coach, to American-style fashion brands such as J.crew, Tommy Hilfiger and Anthropologie, they all cash in on high-spending Chinese students. This middleman-like service is well known in China as “Daigou”, which allows customers back in China to get designer goods for less than they would at home by circumventing the county’s steep taxes on luxury items.
Until recently, Americans older than 55 with good jobs were the most frequent buyers of luxury automobiles, according to local car dealers. Wildside, NU Athletics and University administrators amended the tailgate area to draw more students. Students renting grills were required to provide a “tailgate monitor” who attended a training session the week of the game and supervised drinking guests. While the SESP junior said Fitzerland previously had a positive safety record, after the first tailgate last year, administration saw a need to monitor the event and how much alcohol is brought in more effectively. As China’s middle-class grows rapidly with access to more disposable income than ever, the number of Chinese students sent to American schools reaches a record high every year.
However, among millions of Chinese students who sit the exam every year, only a select few enter the top domestic universities due to the fierce competition. Graduation season is the peak travel time for Chinese students to set off on family trips in the U.S.

According to consultants Bain & Company, Chinese are the biggest buyers of luxury goods globally, making 29% of all purchases, and these purchases are increasingly being made abroad, mostly by tourists, but also by students who are engaged in Daigou business.
But now, young Chinese students are buying more and more of their expensive vehicles. “Luxury cars here are less expensive than those in China,” said Wang Yang, a Chinese student in New York who has switched cars three times in one year and is driving a Mercedes-Benz right now.
Julie Fishbach, ReporterSeptember 24, 2015Wildside and University administrators have altered tailgating policies at Fitzerland after stricter university-sanctioned regulations decreased attendance during the 2014 football season. They will be responsible for seeking assistance when necessary and following the new Amnesty through Responsible Action policy, which excuses students from disciplinary action regarding alcohol and drug violations if they take action in providing assistance to intoxicated individuals when necessary. The rules themselves may have pushed people away and caused some confusion within student groups of who can drink or come.” or tags on article template page. As a result, many parents send their kids abroad for study to remove them from that pressure cooker. With American-style buffets and great Jazz music for ballroom dancing, more and more Chinese students find cruise trip a truly American experience for leisure time.
They are also pleased with the fact that they don’t need to worry about the itinerary, accommodation or transportation when taking cruise trips. Considering that many of the visiting parents are not proficient in English, the students act as tour guides for most time of their family trips.

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