Sources of Motivation Explanations regarding the sources of motivation can be categorized as extrinsic (outside the person) or intrinsic (inside the person).
Modified version of information made available by Professor Bill Huitt, available on his website. Instinct theories of motivation were among the first and were popular in the early 20 th century (e.g.
1950s & 1960s: The Post-Drive-Theory Years These are transitional decades Two post-drive theories –1c.
Arousal: Yerkes-Dodson Law U-shaped curvilinear relationship between arousal and performance Tasks of moderate difficulty LOW AROUNSAL HIGH AROUSAL OPTIMUM AROUSAL PERFORMANCE % 100 0 75 50 25 Arranged by Dr.
Arousal: Yerkes-Dodson Law Tasks low in difficulty PERFORMANCE % LOW AROUNSAL HIGH AROUSAL OPTIMUM AROUSAL 100 75 50 25 0 Arranged by Dr. Arousal: Yerkes-Dodson Law Tasks of high difficulty PERFORMANCE % LOW AROUNSAL HIGH AROUSAL OPTIMUM AROUSAL 100 75 50 25 Arranged by Dr. Cognitive dissonance theory is similar to disequilibrium in Piagets theory of cognitive development. Intrinsic sources can be subcategorized as (a) body (physical), (b) mind (mental), (c) mind (feeling), or (d) transpersonal (spiritual).
Biological Drives Drive-Reduction Theory (1940s and 50s) Proposes that a physiological need creates an aroused state (a drive) that motivates a person to satisfy this need. Arousal theory (biological theory 3) Environment affects how aroused the brain becomes psycho- physiologically.
Gordon Vessels 2005 We perform best when the tasks or challenges we take on produce a moderate level of arousal. Behavioral Theory (Incentives) Each of the two major theoretical models in behavioral psychology posits a primary motivational factor. CD theory states that when there is a discrepancy between two beliefs, two actions, or between a belief and an action, we will act to resolve these discrepancies and distort the facts to our advantage if necessary. Cognitive Dissonance Festinger (1957) proposed a very specific cognitive source of motivation that produces a motivating psychophysiological state.
Every individual tries to explain success or failure through "attributions," which are either internal or external, and either under ones control (effort, ability) or out of ones control (luck, task difficulty).

What is Attribution Theory Attribution theory is concerned with answering the question, Why do people do what they do? Dispositional & Situational Attributions Internal (dispositional) attributions: internal characteristics such as attitude, mood, ability, or personality. Used here with written permission.Modified version of a list developed by Professor Bill Huitt, available on his website. Human Instincts, if they exist, are involuntary, unlearned, and triggered by environmental events called releasing stimuli. Task difficulty factors into this with low-difficulty tasks yielding lower arousal than high-difficulty tasks. Classical conditioning states that biological responses to associated stimuli energize and direct behavior. They discovered what happens when a person is faced with a combination of their own actions, beliefs, and thoughts that are contradictory, conflicting, inconsistent, or dissonant.
It is a theory concerned with how people formulate explanations about the causes of their own behavior and that of others. External (situational) attributions: behavior has been caused by outside factors, which –Implies the actor could not help it and had no control over it Planned behaviors are attributed internally.
According to Festinger this causes a a tension or cognitive dissonance, often resolved through rationalization and other reality distortions. The causal explanations assume that behavior is caused by things either inside or outside the person, and within or outside their control. Incentive theory (behavioral theory) Motivational states could be acquired through experience and external stimuli New motivational concepts: incentives Moment-to-moment changes of motivation Arranged by Dr.
For example, thinking or behaving in a manner that is inconsistent with ones moral standards or ones positive opinion of self would cause this tension.
People attribute a causal explanations to an atypical behavior because they want to make sense of it.
Bill Huitt is a helpful and informed professor who would be willing to assist you online if you have a question. Heider concluded in 1958 that people are naive lay scientists who explain the causes of events as best they can.

Attributions of cause reflect what the observer perceives as the person or event responsible.
Optimum Arousal-Level proposes that we seek an optimum level of arousal and that our level at any given time can be too high or too low. Any form of stimulation or cognitive activity affects arousal, but each is qualitatively unique. Perhaps the biggest hole in this theory is that some behaviors do not decrease internal tensions, they increase them. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole!
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