Leo De Carlo’s irresistible Foolmoon Pendant Lamp merges a modernist’s design with jewel accents and bright, contrasting colors. But with just a two or three foot adjustment down you may realize that there is a whole treasure awaiting inside this lamp shade’s inner bowl.
Leo De Carlo was born in Venice in 1972, graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998 and then worked for Philippe Starck in Paris from 1999 to 2003. Si nos visitas con Internet Explorer 6 te surgerimos que actualices para poder disfrutar de nuestro portal.
EL NUEVO NOVIO DE BELINDA ES SU SOCIO Y MILLONARIO COMO LE GUSTAN, ¡PERO ESTÁ CASADO! Our monthly stroll through items of interest, news and stories, photos, tips, and ourMeezer of the Month. Filled with multi-colored jewels and colorful accents, the designer Leo De Carlo’s creativity and expertise shine through with this exquisite pendant lamp.
In 2003 he returned to Italy to pursue his passion for lighting by forming his own design business. From the top and certain side angles it may seem like this is just an ordinary matte covered hanging lamp shade.
I went to the breeder with the intention of adopting a Siamese for me and for my boyfriend, who had never had a kitty before. So, we gathered the best and most irresistible Brussels Sprout recipes in one delicious list. Whether you love them (like we do!) or hate them from visions of your over-boiled childhood trauma, we believe they deserve to be looked at in new and exciting ways.So why are the humble Brussels sprouts worth a second look, you ask?

He was neither eating nor drinking and we had to take him to the vet to get him some physiological saline. The poor baby was so dehydrated.Our breeder was wonderful and agreed to take him back, and arranged for one of her nursing Siamese mamas to accept Leo and nurse him. He recovered with the love and care of the breeder but was still a "runty" compared to some of his siblings.We got him back home at the beginning of March thinking everything would be fine and dandy this time but we were wrong.
He was so happy to have all the food for himself that he over-ate and got diarrhea followed by major dehydration. You can take a plain approach and steam them if you wish, but over-boiling is definitely not okay!To remind you that you really dona€™t need to wait until Thanksgiving Day to have your share of Brussels, we compiled a list of 45 ways you can enjoy these little delights every single day!Try using bacon, garlic, balsamic vinegar, or lemon zest to help showcase the sweet-salty versatility of these sprouts, or make a full-blown meal with diced chicken, sweet potatoes or eggs.Take a look at this list of Paleo-friendly ways to prepare Brussels sprouts and challenge yourself to try a new one every week. Even if you used to think you hated them, wea€™re pretty sure these recipes will convince you otherwise!Crispy Garlic Brussels SproutsAll you need is a handful of ingredients for this quick and easy side dish! He was not able to get to the kitty litter box, and for three days we had to cover the couch with old bed sheets and wash them several times a day. I was keeping him on me so he could stay warm, which meant that I was also victim of his gastro-intestinal upsets.During his illness I would wake up every two hours during the night to give him water with a syringe, and took 'sick days' from work for him. He finally recovered but was on a wet food diet and was not interested in drinking water despite all our efforts.
So I kept on giving him water with a syringe for six weeks during the night, and was diluting his food with water to make sure he would not get dehydrated again.We monitored his weight using a kitchen scale and a shoe boxa€Z.
Believe it or not, baking with the red seedless variety will actually bring a warm sweetness with the concentrated grape flavor.
We were happy at every gram he gained, and sometimes he would gain so much in only a few days!

On a weekend when we had to stay home because of the awful Canadian weather, we switched wet food for dry, with the hope that Mr. Instead, let it play a supporting role with bacon, broccoli, chicken, and spinach in these hearty and totally filling stuffed sweet potatoes.Recipe: Stuffed Sweet PotatoesBacon Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter VinaigretteBacon and Brussels have always gone well together, but when ita€™s topped with shallots, herbs, and browned butter? I can't begin to tell you how happy we were when we heard him lapping water from the water fountain bought by his daddy, who was patiently was bringing water to it several times a night after we got him back.Leo will be two years old in November 2014 and the bad days are now behind all of us. We had to adapt our home for him, so no toilet paper, Kleenex, Scott towels, make-up brushes, Q-tips, toothbrushes, shoelaces, purses, panties or socks are accessible to Mr. Topped with toasted pistachios, this nutty dish is a keeper.Recipe: Beet and Brussels Sprout SaladBrussels Sprouts and Spinach Truffle FrittataMade with spinach, parsley, and avocado, this frittata has a lot of greens to speak off! Wea€™re not sure, but wea€™re glad that they did a€“ this winning combo is only five ingredients, and will ramp up your snack game nicely.Recipe: Brussels Sprouts and Egg Salad with HazelnutsBrussels Sprout Pomegranate Citrus SaladLight and healthy with all the right textures, it will be hard to keep your fork out of this salad!
With ripe avocado and a honey-orange dressing, youa€™ll be the envy of everyone at your lunch table.Recipe: Brussels Sprout Pomegranate Citrus SaladRoasted Brussels Sprouts with Pastrami and Pickled Red OnionSodium lovers, rejoice! We have the perfect Brussels recipe for you that combines both briny liquids and salty meat.

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