A man in China has created an incredible record of family history by taking a picture with his daughter against the same landscape every year of her life.
A father and his daughter have taken a photo in the same place once a year for 35 years, creating a unique collection of pictures which show her growing up. Hua Yunqing captured a black and white photograph in Zhenjiang, China’s Jiangsu province when he was 26 and his daughter Hua Hua was one, and has taken a picture in the same spot for every year of her life since. The dad and daughter duo posed on the bank of Yinghu Lake with Jinshan Tower in the background for every year except one – in 1998 when Hua was studying abroad. Yunqing made up for the missing photo by posing on his own and adding his daughter’s picture later.

The incredible set of photos chart Hua’s transformation from tot into teen and from girl into mother-of-two as the next generation appears in the pictures. Despite the obvious changes of Yunqing and Hua, the landscape hardly seems to change over 35 years.
Hua Yunqing has created a precious set of photos for his family by posing in the same spot with his daughter every year of her life. The pair posed on the bank of the Yinghu Lake with Jinsham Tower in the background in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, where they live. This photograph shows the dad and daughter duo in 1990 – the 11th in a series of photos that began when Yunqing was 26.

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