URL Filter – Some routers may have a URL filter section, which allows you to enter the URL for each website you want to block.
Parental controls – New and more advanced routers have a section dedicated to parental controls, which gives you not only the option to block websites but also specify the times the Internet can be accessed. Firewall – Finally, if neither of the above options is available the router should offer some type of filtering through the Firewall router settings.
Although not available with the default install of Firefox, there are plenty of add-ons that allow you to block sites in Firefox.
Under the Content Advisor heading, click Enable if it has not yet been enabled, or click Settings, enter your supervisor password and click the OK button. In the Content Advisor window click the Approved Sites tab to show a screen similar to the example below.

You canblock websites on windows and block a website when using the Internet by making a few additions to the Windows hosts file. Unfortunately, every router setup is different so you’ll need to find one of the below settings for your manufacturer of the router.
In the window asking for the Web address to block enter the address of the website to block and click the OK button.
Click the OK button to exit the Content Advisor window, then click OK again to exit the Internet Options window and continue browsing. However, there are plenty of Chrome Extensions that can be added that allow you to block a website.
On Startup the application will ask for Admin rights as blocking website on a windows computer using this Block Website utility requires admin access.

You can block website access to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter that can restrict access all together or just block a website for a specific hour of the day.
This method doesn’t require you to download any software or install anything that you don’t want to have on your computer.

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