Other blog posts often provide important background material for your own posts, and they are typically cited by inline links in the text.
If we want to include blog posts in a reference list, we also have to think about the formatting. There are other ways to describe this blog post with Schema.org, but the best practices are still evolving.
With a little work on the CSS for this blog, the citation could look exactly as shown above, but with added semantic information that is understood by search engines and other tools. Nice to see growing appreciation that there’s more to citation than bold and italics.
Philippe Eveillard in his ping back above points to another important resource: Citing Medicine, the NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors and Publishers. Always cite everything that is not your own idea, even if you came up with that idea on your own before you found it in sources. When quoting an author directly, use quotation marks to separate the author's words from your own, and follow the quotation with a citation.

There are three ways to get help from a University Learning Center writing tutor: set a Writing Center appointment, submit your paper online through our OWL, or drop in at the Writing Lab. Writing Services at the University Learning Center is located on the first floor of DePaolo Hall (DE 1003). Citation manuals are available in Randall Library at the Research Help Desk and for check-out in the General Collection.
Additionally, your bibliographic page must be put in alphabetical order according to the authors' last names. If the author's name has already been mentioned in the sentence, then the citation omits it. All entries for a single author are arranged by year of publication, beginning with the earliest. There is an argument to use the accession date for web content, but having two dates can be confusing and the publication date is more important.
A modern reference format should use HTML or XML so that it can be embedded directly in the blog post.

It is clear to me that HTML-based standards such as Schema.org are the future for embedding citation information in blog posts. I didn’t talk about how to make the blog post URL persistent, but that is obviously an important issue. It will tell you how to format your paper, create inline citations and cite your sources using APA. It will tell you how to format your paper, create inline citations and cite your sources using MLA. It will tell you how to format your paper, create inline citations and cite your sources using Chicago.

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