There is no cost and no worries when it comes to creating a free mobile website using Google Sites. If you already have an account with a text message marketing provider and are looking to enhance your marketing efforts even more, now might be the time to consider creating a free mobile website using Google Sites. From there, you customers can click on the URL directly in the text message and be directed (if the phone has Internet access) to the website URL for your mobile landing page. Using one of the many Google Sites mobile landing page templates, users can build a professional landing page in literally minutes at no cost!
The combination of the text marketing and the mobile site is a great way to expand and build your business through one of the most effective types of marketing campaigns.
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Mobile Marketing Campaigns enjoy the highest response rates of any mass messaging software service or traditional advertising methods. This is a great tool where you can literally get your new free mobile website up and running in a matter of minutes. It works by offering a couple different types of templates including restaurant, local business, lead generation, social eCommerce and custom for the layout and color of the website.

On this landing page, the free mobile website will do its job by offering the customer even more information about your business like location, time, event promotional information and more.
These templates are not only free, but they are also easy to use and don’t require the user to have any sort of coding skills like HTML or CSS. Bulk text messaging is the cheapest way to get your add in front of already loyal customers to keep them coming back to you. That price in unbeatable especially compared to the benefits you can get out of the little time you put into creating a free mobile site. The idea behind the functionality of mobile sites like Google sites works as a simple business card style landing page of a website. Depending on your business type or objective, you can use the various types of templates to design your landing page.
If you are looking to mobilize your business through text message marketing, using a free Google Site is one of the best ways to take that SMS marketing concept a step further. The idea continues to make it simple but informative so it can include more information about the business, promotions, sales and more than can be included just in the SMS message being sent through your mobile marketing campaign. This makes it easy to build upon and design a custom mobile template so you have a place for your customers and potential customers to go to find out more information about your business.

All you have to do is select the template design, insert the pertinent information you want your customers to know about your business and then send out the message with the URL via bulk text message to your customers, and watch the profits increase and  your client base grow! It works when you insert the URL to the landing page in that mass text message to be sent to your customers and potential customers. With just a simple text message alone, you only get 145 characters to give info about your business to your customers.
However, with the mobile site concept, you can set up this landing page with more detailed information for  your customers so they can make a more informed decision about checking out your business. Look at it as a way to further market and promote your business without having to pay anything extra.

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