The following is a screen for screen showing how to signup for a new Google Analytics account. If you do not have an Google account you will likely go straight from the Google Analytics screen to the following screen when you clickA Create an account. After you have filled out the above information for a new Google Account and clicked Next step you will see this screen. IA become encouragedA knowing that someone is willing to give a little something back for the tuturials that I share.
July 1, 2013 by BWDC Team Leave a Comment Organic Web Design has recently arrived as a trend. Organic web design is particularly needed when all the activities deal with biological products or with nature. For example: A business that produces honey, farm, nursery gardens, natural herbicides, natural insecticides, farm holiday center, etc. Apart from this many institute and travel agency websites choose natural organic elements to highlight their attachment to wellness and peace of nature. If an image is created only by using graphics and brushes in order to create another image, we can say that we will get more out of the image as a whole than its parts (I mean graphics or brushes). Organic web design is not coming from the nature alone; it is also something created by humans. Use earthy colors such as deep gray-purples, olives, burnt oranges, etc in your organic design. You can even use cobalt blue or fire-truck red color because they are just as earthy and organic as gray and brown. If you carefully balance the elements in your design then the environment will remain stable.
One thing to consider when creating a website is which keywords people will use to find your website through a search engine.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used for anything other than free educational use. One of the ways to ensure that team is on the same page when designing separate parts of the website or saving designs from developers is to create design documentation or a web design style guide.
It is beneficial to have a style guide in order to create a cohesive experience among different pages. Luke Clum has touched the surface of using style guides as your first step in web design last year and I would like to take a more in-depth look on how to create a usable web design style guide for your projects. A style guide is a collection of pre-designed elements, graphics and rules designers or developers should follow to ensure that separate website pieces will be consistent and will create a cohesive experience at the end. It is extremely important when multiple designers are working on a big website or web app to ensure that they don’t interpret too much and don’t alter or adjust styles based on personal preference. In order to make developers lives easier, it is the designer’s duty to include all possible interactions such as hover, click, visit and other states for buttons, titles, links, etc. If you’re a designer who can’t code, simply open Photoshop and give your document a title and a short description of what the document is and what it is for. If you can code, it is better to create an html document with pre-coded assets so they can be easily reused. You must get typography right because it is one of the most important communication tools between visitors and your website.
Begin by setting primary colors for your style guide that will dominate your website, dominant colors should include no more than three shades.
Forms are what make your website or web app interactive and dynamic so the user can enter the data and you can then manipulate it and do the work. Getting spacing right is important because it gives more breathing room to elements, and consistent use makes your work look structured and professional.
Here are some of the best style guide examples to use as inspiration when creating your own style guide. You have to study the brand you’re creating style guide for, make sure to get different parts of the design right and ensure that a style guide is consistent and includes all possible scenarios when turning designs into working products. I’ve created an open source project that would help producing the style guide, it would read ACO photoshop file and generate your Color Palette, give human names to the colors and generate the CSS and HTML code. It is commonly applied to the products such as note books, furniture, home decor, electronic equipment, etc. It will come more often in the negative space, as brushes may be used to fill or outline another image. Organic in this aspect means something entirely different: it uses objects that are left behind by the society. So, find these colors in a natural pattern or vintage pattern or distress a pattern that usually has these tones and utilize the same in your design.
That means every object on the page can be clicked and dragged to where you want it to appear on your web page. You’ll want to make a list of the most popular search terms people use when looking for your site and optimize your web pages for those terms.

Companies, nowadays, use fancy catchy slogans to attract consumer, as it gives the idea that what are the advantages and benefits of the products or services that they are providing. You want to do so by creating editable, custom Web Part zones, as opposed to a static custom master page.
It is important to ensure that design is consistent and optimized to meet business objectives and create enjoyable experiences for users.
Also it helps to ensure that future development or third-party production will follow brand guidelines and will be perceived as part of the overall brand. In development, having defined elements of the website makes it easy for developers to reuse these elements.
Get to know the story behind the brand, observe the team and figure out the vision, mission and values of the company. In some cases, however, you will need secondary and even tertiary colors to illustrate your user interface, make sure you define them too. You have studied the brand before starting the style guide and found out that brand is youthful and trendy. Take advantage of using icons in your projects because they will give an instant idea to visitors as to what’s going on and what will happen next. Make sure to include imagery that defines the style and direction of pictures the website should use. Rely on these previously created assets to create consistent looking and functional buttons with different stated designs. Keep in mind that these guides are highly influenced by the organization setup, their vision, mission and values and some decisions might be irrelevant or illogical in relation to what you are doing, so don’t blindly follow the things done there. Enjoyed it, but I’d really like to see some more examples of actual website style guides – and not just the regular visual identity guidelines.
But it focuses mainly on mobile devices and not so much how it caters for various screen formats. We are currently seeking ideas on how people are creating online style guides that address multiple platforms as well. Some plugins do the process automatic others you will need to login to your account and find the tracking id and insert it into the plugin. With WebStarts you can drag and drop text, images, videos, and virtually any other object by clicking the left mouse button and holding it down while moving the mouse.
You can upload your own images from your local computer and place those on your website as well. That means sites built with WebStarts are more likely to get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Slogans are a vital factor in making the brand famous among people and increasing the companya€™s sales or popularity.It is a fact that companies sell more when their brand gains popularity among the potential consumers.
Moreover, it can make it easier because they will get what elements they have to code and will see exactly how they need to look from the start.
It is important to dig deeper into the brand so the style guide you produce will visually and emotionally represent the organization. Also include neutral colors like white, grey and black for the primary brand colors to stand out. Picking the right icons will give more context to content than color palette, copy or graphics. It can be in the form of a grid used for a layout; it can be spacing defined between headlines, buttons, images, forms and other elements.
BBC did a decent guideline site some years ago, but I haven’t seen any really good recently.
But it IS more specific and in-depth in terms of sizes for iconography etc than most other guidelines.
You will go to the page editor view where you can begin to make changes to the pages of your website. To place an image on the page double click on the image thumbnail from the file manager view. If you upgraded to a WebStarts Pro Plus plan your site will automatically be submitted to Google.
You’ll also want to use your keywords in the keyword field as well as in the description of your site. All the famous brands have some unique catchy phrases that attracts the masses and generates sales for the company. It can be a simple example given showing that voice has to be professional yet funny and welcoming. When using icons, make sure to think about the target audience, religion, history, so you avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings. For example, a water charity uses striking imagery that has strong emotion, good cause and calls to human emotion for them to be fortunate to have essential living commodities like water, food, electricity and education. All of the pre-designed sites can be completely customized and if you choose a design you don’t like you can change it at anytime.

Highlight your text and choose the appropriate options from the page editor toolbar in order to change the font style, size, color, and formatting. Once you find one you like follow the prompts and it will automatically work with your WebStarts website in a matter of minutes.
Instead of stating “You’ve got 404 error” you can say “Oh boy, you’ve broken the interwebs. One more thing to mention, think about the brand and its values so you don’t use hand-drawn icons on a large banking website.
Show them what they wantWhen you are making a catchy campaign slogan for your company or for your advertising campaign, make sure that you always show your potential consumers what they really want out of your product or service, I am talking about the benefits. A slogan should be the one that reminds consumers about the key benefits of your products and gives them a unique familiarity about it. You can think of as many touching words as you can that perfectly relates to the benefits the you are offering and then make it short so that it fits the need.2. Be PreciseYour slogan should be short and exactly to the point that it can touch the hearts of its readers.
Choose words that are creative and accurately portray the benefits that your product has to offer to the consumers. Try to sum up what you have to say in 8-10 words because, long slogans are hard to remember and no one wants to read them. Keep the words of your slogan less by remaining precise and you will have more chance of attracting potential consumers.3. Share Your VisionThe best catchy marketing phrases are those that have a good vision behind them.
Dona€™t go around telling how good your company is otherwise, you will lose the value of your slogan. Descendant selectors are used to style elements that are descendants of another element in the same document tree. Slogan is an identity to the brand and it creates brand awareness among the potential consumers.
Always make a slogan that is about your customers because, it will show your vision to the consumers and by doing so you will also get competitive edge in the market.4.
Dona€™t forget your NameIf you dona€™t have millions of dollars in your pocket, you should definitely add your organizations name in the slogan that you are making. Zone 1 holds the Announcements Web Part and an as-yet unnamed Web Part; the CSS descendant selector is applied to this column. There is no point in making a catchy sales slogan if you dona€™t have included your companya€™s name in it. Ita€™s risky to have no name of your company in the slogan because; when you have made a memorable slogan but have not added your company name, people will remember the slogan but will have no idea about the company of which the slogan is. Zone 3 also allows Web Parts to be stacked horizontally and includes the Upcoming Events and Upcoming Holidays Web Parts. Give proper time to your SloganSurely you cannot come up with a great slogan that attracts your potential consumer and increases your sales in one night.
Give your slogan the proper time it needs in researching like: what consumers are expecting from your company, what are the benefits you have to offer to consumer etc.
This is no doubt a difficult task to perform and requires time and certain skills but, you can hire a slogan writer who can perform these duties for you.6. Review Your SloganYou can generate a good amount of slogans to attract potential customer in the market, if you review your taglines properly. Write as many words as you like and review them with a new mindset, now do any slogan that you wrote tends to grab you?
You can also ask your family or friends to help you out in picking the right one, also ask them for their feedback about what do they think of when they read your slogan. Don’t promise anything that you cana€™t keepAlways say simple and pure words that describe your company.
Slogans can make a huge contribution to your company by boosting up the sales volume of your products or services.8. Take advantage of the market conditionsIn order to remain memorable among the potential consumers, you must give a regular check to your slogan.
Like the offers of your company, your slogan might also need to be adapted with the changing market conditions. While you search for the market situation to change your products or services, take a look at the slogan as well that whether it needs a change or not. In current situations everyone is looking for affordability, so the slogans that contain an affordability factor might be very attractive to consumers.In the end I would like to hear from you people.

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