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Designing a Navigation Bar is one of the key success of any website, the visually appealing and interactive it is the better. Navigation Bar is one of the things that will keep your users busy on your site, if you make it hard for them will leave your site instantly. Grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) and set the radius to 50px and draw the shape same as above.
Now we will create our 2nd level navigation, grab Rounded Rectangular Tool (U) set the radius to 8px and draw the shape same as above.
We will add some sunken lines between the text links, select Single Row Marquee Tool (M) and create a new layer (name line one) between the text draw the lines. This is how your 3rd level navigation should look like, but if you have an alternative design please let me know Now all we have to do is add a background to make our design stand out, I use patterns and other images I found online. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I want to create a fixed header that doesn't scroll with tableViewCells, or other content that I have.
Using the UINavigationController I can't edit the nav bar, add an image nor change the color. I'd really recommend fooling around with the Navigation controller until you figure it out, it's really the best method for this. It works petty well when a NavBar just doesn't cut it, lemme know if you need any more info.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios xcode swift autolayout uistoryboard or ask your own question. For semantics and enhanced interoperability-potential with third-party web services, like search engine robots interested in finding and understanding your website’s IA, a nav element is a good option here. Create the shape on top of the 2nd level nav layer, if you think they fit the size hold SHIFT and click 2nd level nav layer and the rectangle layer and hit CRTL + E (we will merge the two).
The first color is #000000, then use your brush set the size to 60px and brush the lines inside the 2nd layer nav.
This site acts as my design playground and development laboratory where I create tutorials about Photoshop, Web Design, and Wordpress. If you've embedded it, I'd check out your view with the Attributes inspector, to make sure everything needed is enabled.
This property declaration allows the bar to stay put even when the user is scrolling the document. Create another layer (without removing the single row marquee highlight on canvas) and use the brush with the following color #38363c.
I really enjoyed making this navigation bar because I rarely design them (look at my navigation, hint..hint!) I want to code this on CSS and Jquery, anyone interested? Since the focus of this tutorial is on building a fixed navigation bar, which can hold different types of menus and other interface components, I won’t be discussing that portion of the demo. The fixed navigation bar helps people quickly jump to another article after they have completed reading the current article. At the moment, I'm using a ViewController with a nav bar, which looks like the image I posted in the question.

However, if backwards-compatibility is important to your projects, then you may decide to replace the nav element (which is an HTML5 element) to a div.In the proper context, a fixed navigation bar can improve usability and UX because it reduces the delay between switching to a new task. I always tried to find how to fixed navigation bar but I FAILED every time.But this article clear all my problems.
I believe that this solution has good-enough compatibility, that you can confidently deploy it in production. On single page websites we have to be very calculated in creating the page with respect to design and development, as when clicked on any link from top, the page has to scroll down and has to stop at some place. Good article.Ali Qayyum Sep 20 2014hi Jacob Gubereally informative article!Stick navigation is really useful now a days for access to all pages staying anywhere in same page. I do not know about web development much, but using your rule, i have implemented on my website. For some weird reason I’m having this problem where my background for the menu is not appearing.
Worked great, but the side effect of that is that the margin between the topbar and content on top of the page is suddenly reduced.

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