This article features a huge amount of Photoshop web design tutorials, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great stylish website design. If you are looking for some high quality Photoshop Tutorials you cand find here a great 24 collections selected from the best web design blogs! Great list here, its perfect for beginners, because thats how I started out with these tutorials.
Interesting tutorials it is amazing what you can do with photoshop from professional to modern web design. Build a complete website design mockup for a fictional design studio, starting with the creation of the initial layout then moving on to designing the individual page elements. Taking inspiration from various modern website designs, we’ll produce this clean and crisp website layout.
A good start with any design is to sketch out the plans on paper, the free reign of the pencil helps flesh out the rough layout with ease.
Planning out a wireframe also helps develop a hierarchy and gives an insight into the best positions for key elements of the design. Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop, I tend to make the size of the artwork similar to that of a common widescreen monitor to give a good representation of the overall look of the site.
Place guides at a 960px width in the centre of the document and create a basic grid to place the page items against.
Paste in the company logo, position on screen according to the grid, then add some styling through the layer style options. Use the Type tool to create the text of the main navigation, set the type in a mid-grey while using a slightly darker version for the active link.
The feature header is a great place to introduce the website, with the vibrant background colour it is given main focus to the user. Continue fleshing out the introductory content, but this time use Arial or Helvetica as the font so that the text can be set in plain old html, without any image replacement techniques. Position a laptop into the featured area (a range of examples can be found here), this fits in well with the nature of the fictional company, and makes a great focal area to display examples of work on the laptop screen. Split the mid section of the page into two columns with guides in relation to the grid lines. Double click the layer and add a range of layer styles, including a grey-white gradient, a thin grey stroke and a soft inner shadow.
Create a short, descriptive label for the button prompting the user to continue through the site to view further projects. The footer area is a great place to hold secondary page elements, one example could be a client login area. The final design fits all the desired elements neatly onto the page, while keeping everything aligned to the base grid. Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Chris, your work is first class as usual, love the little details… Keep up the excellent work! I think it’s a good tutorial, but for many newcomers to Photoshop the steps might be a bit vague. Hello guys here we have got a great stuff , this tutorial helped me a lot in attaiing good knowledge.
Some people is not getting that it’s not a Photoshop tutorial, but a webdesign tutorial. Hey, love the tut, but could you break the steps down further, and show more screens, I felt a bit lost as to what to do at times.
Here are 95 Beautiful Photoshop Website Templates that will help you to get started or inspired for a beautiful website. Molecule is a highly customisable theme that can be used for both personal and business websites. Universe is a clean unique news and magazine psd template include 15 PSD Files designed especially for you, It’s perfect for online magazines and personal blog as well. Shoploop is a modern and clean eCommerce PSD Template, it serve the purpose of all eCommerce websites since it’s full package. Simplity is a simple but effective PSD theme with 7 pages and 2 color options (light and dark) making 14 PSD files in total.
Based on Bootstrap’s 12 column 1170px responsive grid, which is included in each PSD as layer and guides.
Adeline is elegant, clean and modern unique PSD theme that can be used for any kind of websites, from business, design studios, agencies, corporations to personal website.
They are all layered and well organized in folder for easier use.Photos in the preview image are used just for display and are not included. This template is ideal for real estate companies that want to expand their business online, fully editable and customizable, organized, grouped and named layers. SkyDream is a perfect Premium PSD Template for your business, a creative agency or a portfolio!
Smarty is a unique professional template, it comes with 15 PSD Files that can be used both for personal or business websites.
Assez is a pretty and a classic 17 PSDs template including 6 colour options, 4 homepage slider styles based on 960 grid system.
This stylish and minimal v-card template comes in three (3) different and versatile themes. Shante is a multi-purpose template ideal for Application development firms, With 4 color options (pink, green, blue and orange) and in 960 grid based. Simplemente is a multipurpose template for corporations that are seeking a unique online presence, comes equipped with a slider and a trendy footer.
Jungle is a clean Unique Multi Purpose PSD Template include 21 PSD Files designed especially for you, It’s perfect for personal portfolios as well.

This is a website that allow users to create their own , with graphis, text and personal images.
Spank is the perfect portfolio template to showcase your work, whether you are an artist, designer or craftsmen. This is a website that allow users to create their own T-Shirt, with graphis, text and personal images. Wealthz is a creative portfolio 17 PSDs template, With 4 homepage options, and in 960 grid based. Lil’Birds—multipurpose PSD Template for displaying gallery, portfolios, boutique, but it would suit for any art, craft or creative website.
William Davis vCard PSD Template is clean, modern, unique and easy to customize psd template.This Personal Virtual Business Card can be used by developers, coders, designers, managers, etc. Sync is a minimalistic portfolio theme design for creatives who want to showcase their work along with social media from Instagram and Dribbble.
Litho is a fullscreen portfolio theme design for visual enthusiasts who want to showcase their work in an eye-catching way. The design is inspiered by online gaming sites but can be used for presenting any other type of fabulous content. Centindu – clean and modern PSD Template good for your business and creative portfolio sites.
Fact is a portfolio theme design for creative professionals who want to display their work in a bold fashion.
A very minimalistic template for portfolio purposes, but, with some modifications, can be used for anything else. Eudora is a very clean and modern business oriented PSD template that you can use for your portfolio. BlackBlue is a creative portfolio 11 PSDs template, With 3 homepage slider options, and in 960 grid based. This is a functional, clean, modern and easy to customize psd template with several design options and variations.
Modern, clean and elegant PSD theme perfect for a restaurant, steakhouse, bar, bistro, cafe as well as any other type of business. Plenius template for Business Companies is great structured so you can easily move any blocks, fix text etc. Business News is a simple and clean professional template suitable for magazine or news portal.19 PSD files included! Seventy is a Corporate Portfolio PSD Template, But it’s also for multi-purpose use.
Pixmania is a photography template which provides a great way to show off your portfolio in form of photography or just regular art. A beautiful and sweet theme for Cake Shops, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Shops or any other food related business (or any other business.
NOVUS a theme that combines minimal and perfect grid design with functionality and usability.1. Modern clean Restaurant PSD template, With 10 PSD files, It’s a template for restaurant, food, recipe business for your own restaurant, shop.
Venus is a PSD template designed specifically for Spa, Health & Beauty related Businesses. Eloupps is a very clean and modern business oriented PSD template that you can use for your portfolio. This template is modern and very clean mixed with the a bit of retro style bringing together the old style with the modern.It is very organized in to groups and layers easy to export for developers. It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development.
Design tutorials really help to understand the basic knowledge about web design, theses tutorials are perfect for first time Photoshop users because there short and sweet. On a new layer draw a selection, then add a gradient overlay with a selection of two vibrant colours.
With the header area selected with a mask press CMD+SHIFT+C to Copy Merged, then paste on a new layer.
Add a gradient overlay to match the feature header colours, then create a very soft inner shadow.
Use this space to place a snappy intro title in a custom font that matches the company branding.
On the left we’ll have a main content panel, whereas the right will hold a thinner sidebar. Press CMD+T to transform the selection, squash and stretch the gradient to form a long thin shadow-like graphic. The result is a subtle shadow that lifts the main page, adding a little touch of detail to the design. Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter. I have to figure out how you got things done maybe in the upcoming tutorials it would be nice to see more detailed instructions with this tutorial. I work for a company that promotes great priced websites and we use a lot of Photoshop to build graphics. For example, is each of the navigation words on it’s on layer or one single layer viz.
What i would learn more is about the interaction between the 960 grid and the placement of design elements, which rules from this grid system do we have to respect to keep the design well positionned? Because im new in this i had a little problems to follow the tutorial the first one, to draw a selection???

All of the files are grouped and named accordingly to make customization extremely simple, just like the theme.There are 2 different home pages which feature 2 different overlays for portfolio posts and 2 different sliders. It is best used for business and corporate websites or even for a personal portfolio as well.
All PSD files are well-organized and layered so it’s very easy to change any detail. It’s clean Swiss style design is timeless, comes in a light and dark colour scheme, and is very simple to customise. This template is best suited for dealers, who need to do their business online via websites. Template has a clean & stylish layout designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site. It has a perfect integration of all features that your website should have and all of them designed in simple and clear style.
You’ll find it incredibly easy to add what you want, how you want, and when you want. The PSD files were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3 , and should run in any other Photoshop version. Comes with 9 Uniquely designed PSD files all of them fully layered and editable, properly named and organized into folders.
Clean Style Portfolio LayoutA step-by-step Photoshop web design layout tutorial using basic techniques.2. Here is a collection of 37 layout design tutorials that will help you with designing a decent looking website. Double click the layer to open the layer styles and add a Gradient Overlay from grey to white running vertically. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise to produce a simple texture, then set the blending mode to Multiply and reduce the opacity to suit. The title links should stand out to the user as something clickable, so change their colour to give a visual clue. Home is on it’s own layer Our work is on it’s own layer, or are they all on a single layer?? Woodruff’s Student, the closest I came to anything computer wise was my computer literacy class. It is based on a 960 GS by Nathan Smith which is included as a layer and guides in Photoshop files.
Ideal for photographers or artists who would like to spread their work on the Internet, hoping to receive comments or likes. Ideal for Hotels, but also can be very usefull for Spa & Wellnes, Tourist and Travel Business, Restaurants, even Insurance companies or Banks. Clean Blog Layout in PhotoshopLearn how to make a dark-themed blog design layout in this Photoshop tutorial.3. My school is so broke we couldn’t until like last year afford software like photoshop.
Theme was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 .There are four fonts used in this theme, which are all downloaded from google web fonts. Create a Portfolio Web Layout in PhotoshopDiscover how to use patterns in website layouts through this Photoshop tutorial.4. How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in PhotoshopThis Photoshop tutorial uses 960 Grid System for laying out the web page.5. Create an Elegant Photography Web Layout in PhotoshopThis simple tutorial shows you how to apply background textures in your web designs.6. Photo Gallery Website Layout in PhotoshopLearn to make a dark-themed photo gallery via this excellent Photoshop tutorial.7.
How to Build a Stylish Portfolio Web Design ConceptLearn techniques for creating elegant web designs in Photoshop through this tutorial.9. Create a Modern Lab Theme Web Design in PhotoshopThis tutorial will show you design techniques for making slick web layouts.10. How to Create a Sleek Grid Based Website DesignFrom paper to Photoshop, learn how to lay out a web design on a grid.12. How to Create a Vintage Photoshop Website LayoutMake a stylish vintage-themed design by reading this awesome Photoshop tutorial.13.
Create a Simple Clean Portfolio Layout in PhotoshopThis Photoshop layout tutorial is perfect for portfolio sites as well as web app sites.14. Design a Clean and Colorful Ecommerce Layout in PhotoshopThis tutorial will walk you through the creation of an e-store product page design.16. Design a Sleek Mobile App WebsiteCreate a simple dark-themed web design layout using basic Photoshop techniques.18.
Design a Warm, Cheerful Website Interface in Adobe PhotoshopThis superb web layout tutorial has a PSD to HTML conversion follow-up.19. How to Create a WordPress Theme in PhotoshopLearn to make a simple blog layout using Photoshop.21. Design a Bold and Vibrant PortfolioThis web layout tutorial walks you through the creation of a colorful portfolio site.22.
How to Create a Colorful Business Web LayoutThis Photoshop tutorial will demonstrate how to incorporate icons in your web designs.25.

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