Linkedin groups: 10 steps set group success, Do linkedin groups engage industry target market? More than just a brand, Dick's Sporting Goods can inspire a certain lifestyle in its team of passionate employees, says David Mosse, himself a sports enthusiast with seven Ironman competitions under his belt. It’s a winding road that lead David Mosse to become the general counsel for one of America’s most well-known Fortune 500 retail companies: Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was the uniqueness of the skill set I accumulated from my different experiences that led me to Dick’s Sporting Goods. A recruiter contacted me about the general counsel position and told me about the culture at Dick’s—which is very focused on three things: being the best in its class through relentless improvement, an entrepreneurial spirit, and employee collaboration.
Dick’s is based right outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it can be harder to recruit talented people in smaller markets like this.
But, although he may not have imagined when he started law school that this was where he’d land, he now sees it as a trajectory more rewarding than he could have planned. I started as an attorney in a law firm, initially with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, then Venture Law Group. I’ve always had a strong passion for sports and retail, so on paper it was a fantastic fit. But I actually think there can be better opportunities here than in some of the bigger American commercial centers. I’m not saying you can’t find that in the bigger markets, but I think it’s often much more cutthroat and “eat-what-you-kill” in those environments.

It’s about “living the brand”—and it’s a level of commitment to your own health and fitness. The death knell has already rung for companies like Borders, Circuit City, and Blockbuster because they couldn’t react to the changes in the market.
The content creator, love guru and Rodan + Fields connector tells it like and believes women can do it and have it all – with the help of other women, self-confidence and self-awareness. Profile caught up with Mosse to learn some of the lessons he’s picked up during his tenure with Dick’s and how he “lives the brand” when he’s off the clock. I eventually moved on to in-house positions at a couple of different companies—first public, then private. I think their initial expectation was to fill the position with someone who was a sitting general counsel at another company. There are some fantastic companies in these smaller markets, and the field can be incredibly competitive in major cities. My way of doing that has been through yoga and triathlons (I’ve competed in seven Ironman competitions, including the world championships in Kona). In most respects, I think those qualities are inherent: either you have them, or you don’t. As a soon-to-be mommy and wife, driven career woman, entertaining radio show host, and influential Rodan and Fields connector, she shows women how happy and fulfilling life can be when you love yourself, follow your passions and never settle.
Both were controlled by Nelson Peltz and Peter May, two very well-known operators and investors on Wall Street.

But I think they recognized my capabilities and decided to go for it, and I’m glad they did. In smaller commercial centers such as Pittsburgh, there’s often less of an emphasis on the bothersome elements of that competition: materialism, money, power. I’ve retired from competitions for now to focus even more on my wife, my three growing boys, and my career. From a business perspective, we have to develop new ways of engaging with our customer and understand how, when, and where they want to be served—and in some cases be innovative and take them places they may not have realized they wanted to go.
When I joined them, I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being an in-house attorney.
But I think it it’s important that the spirit of the true athlete runs through the entire company and pervades everything we do.
Having a strong interest in business, this was also a chance to learn through osmosis from very smart guys. Being involved is a boost for Dick’s goodwill in the area, but more than that, it’s important to be an active citizen and give back to the community.

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