You know in Karaoke when you sing along, after each word you say, that word turns a different color so you keep track? We came across this question this morning and we thought it is a wonderful way to present the text in PowerPoint like this. In this guide, we will insert a song to keep pace with the text and make it really Karaoke-like. Under the Effect tab, you can type in number of slides where you want the song to stop playing. Step 4: Select the text frame and in the Custom Animation window to Add Effect for the text.

Step 6: Set the slide transition as Automatically After a certain time if your song is set playing across multiple slides. All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software. Subscribe to comments with RSSor TrackBack to 'How to Make Karaoke Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint'.
Open Source Alternatives: OpenOffice in the free alternative to MS Office (Impress is its PowerPoint alternative).
In the pop up window you are asked “How do you want the sound to start in the slide show?” Choose Automatically.

It is part of Microsoft Office package and is available on the library computers in rooms LC337 and LC336. Please keep up with the following step-by-step guide to make Karaoke animation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOME SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "" slideshow?

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