We can provide a range of consulting services for your business, including economic modelling and cashflow analysis.
The value added economic impact model is based on the principal of tracking expenditures through the economy and applying reasonable coefficients to determine direct, indirect and induced impacts on employment, incomes, gross domestic product, and taxation. The working basis underlying the SCI model is that the economic impacts that flow throughout the economy emanate from the project’s construction and operations expenditures.  These impacts are magnified as labour and business incomes associated with the expenditure activities are re-spent throughout the economy. Core cost components that drive the economic impact analysis are costs associated with labour, materials, services and equipment.  The decomposition of expenditures into these and other cost types allows for a more precise calculation of employment and incomes generated by the capital and operating phases of each of the project components being analyzed. Next, indirect impacts are estimated by applying supply or capture rates for materials, services and equipment.  The expected proportions of each expenditure component to be purchased by jurisdiction are estimated in consultation with the project proponent and engineering firm.
Following this is the calculation of induced economic impacts that result from construction and operations. One of the most important concepts to appreciate in assessing the economic impacts of any project is the leakage from the local economy because leakages determine the size of the income multiplier that can be expected for a given level of expenditure.
SCI typically runs an Input-Output (IO) profile in support of each economic impact analysis being undertaken using data reflecting the specific industry in Canada.
In the value added economic model, a person year of employment is defined as 2,000 hours per annum, worked by one or more individuals within the calendar year considered. The proportion of indirect income allocated to corporate profits are derived as the average proportion of corporate income profits as a share of GDP, which is derived from the most recent Provincial Economic Accounts data for Canada and the provinces. When you have a lot that needs to be done, sometimes it is easy to forget a task or two, and sometimes those can be very important tasks that you are forgetting. One of the best things about this free template is the fact that main to do items are categorized. Compatible with Microsoft Word®  in the 2007 and newer versions, this to do list template is something that will benefit everyone. I was able to quickly download this template and fill it out in order to have it ready for my boss to see it in under 10 minutes. Finally I have an excellent office template to assist me do all my office planning in an easy way. I am a list making, box checking, get it done kinda gal, and the “Things to Do” list made me one happy task master! These stand-alone Proposal Packs were created for just about any type of proposal you can imagine: business proposals, grant proposals, technical proposals, project proposals, sales proposals, and many more. Includes a very good one-page Executive Summary that focuses on solutions and benefits for the Client.
The body provides an excellent client-focused breakdown of the proposed work into: costs, contract terms, benefits, project management. You are going to create a formal business letter to illustrate some of the simple concepts used when presenting text. Choose where you want your date to go (you may need to use the tab key to line it up under the address). You can set a format for the date, add the time if you want, and also set the date to automatically update. By the way, before you start sending letters to Mr John Smith, he is made-up person and there is no street in Folkestone called The Glades, so don't bother signing him up for junk mail on the Internet!

One thing you will notice is that in both the addresses and after "Dear Mr Smith" (the salutation), there is no punctuation (such as commas or full-stops). Other, not so good, options might be to underline the reference (often associated with hyperlinks on web pages, so this could cause confusion) or to make the text a different colour (text colour).
Choose how you want to display your reference; use the required line spacing (Business Letters) and type it in. The other difference between the original sample letter at the top of the page and the justified version is the use of bullet points to list the kit that is to be ordered.
It is common practice to type the full name and position of the person sending the letter underneath their signature.
Many businesses automate or copy signatures, but a genuinely signed letter often gets far better results. So, finish off your letter (using the correct line spacing) with yours faithfully or yours sincerely, depending on the salutation you have used (see Business letters). Whilst you are using the header and footer menu, you could also experiment with some of the other features, such as numbering pages or inserting file names. A« Avec cette signature, Nike promet un comportement en phase avec la€™histoire de la marqueA A», explique notre expert en marketing. The economic impact parameters used in the model are derived from data obtained from a number of sources including Statistics Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency, various provincial government departments and agencies and from economic impact assessments completed on other resource projects.  The primary sources of information used in the economic impact analysis are construction phase expenditure profiles and the ongoing operating costs that are generally prepared by proponent and provided to SCI for the purpose of estimating economic impacts. From these types of expenditure decompositions, the direct employment and income impacts are calculated by applying an estimate of labour cost per person year of employment to the direct expenditures allocated to labour.
Within each jurisdiction, SCI weights these capture rates by value-added parameters to more accurately reflect the import content of each component. These are determined by applying an appropriate income multiplier to the direct and indirect incomes generated by jurisdiction.  The value of output produced or GDP and income effects are reported for all jurisdictions’s being analyzed as well as Canada as a whole.
Induced HST revenues were calculated by applying the statutory rates to induced GDP in each jurisdiction.
Leakages are the different ways by which money spent in the area can be withdrawn from the local economy, rather than be re-spent. The input-output analysis is run to determine reasonable ranges of the leakages that result for the various types of expenditures. This means that there is a section for phone calls that need to be made, a section for errands that need to be done, and more. Note not only did I accomplish my task I did it in fashion and in his eyes went above and beyond, due to the layout and vibrant colors. They are stand-alone sets of proposal templates designed using industry standard guidelines. This page shows you how to lay out the whole letter and tells you how many lines or spaces to leave between each feature. Notice that on the various examples of letter you have seen so far, the date is in different places on the page. This last option is useful if you want to create a document to be sent out some time in the future (e.g. It is pretty much accepted that, in today's business world, there is no need to punctuate addresses and salutations, and you will find that many letters don't do so.

It is useful to make any reference stand out on the page using text formatting such as bold or italics.
Bullet points or numbering make it easier to read a list of items, rather than putting them into one long sentence. With the help of this to do list template, you will get everything accomplished, and you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that you didn’t forget a single thing. So, when you use to do list that was created with this template, you will be able to easily find a project that fits with what you feel like doing in that moment.
Each Proposal Pack includes a large collection of fully-formatted downloadable MS-Word templates with layout and graphics already done. Where were these high-quality, real-life proposal templates when I needed them over the years?
By way of illustration, indirect income impacts are calculated as the product of the direct expenditure impacts, the assumed capture rate and the estimated valued added factors. The coefficients generated through this work, along with the study team’s experience with similar resource projects and from discussions with project developers get reflected in the value added capture rates used in SCI’s reports.
And does it mean more success, more business growth, not less?I recently read an interesting Harvard Business Review post about The Power of Subtraction by Anthony K. You just fill in the blanks and easily create business proposals, from 3-pagers to full-blown 100-pagers. You can use the address from the letter above if you want, or you can make up your own address.
From this income, employment estimates are obtained by dividing indirect income by an average representative income associated with indirect employment.
What would happen if we eliminate a third of what we do in a day, and just focus on the three most critical success priorities for business growth?How many times do you fire up the computer, check your to-do list, and experience Big Overwhelm? But no one is more susceptible to that sinking feeling more than creative, hard-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. Tjan got the idea of subtraction as a strategy from his friend Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of the TED conferences. In an earlier post I described the critical CEO best practice of writing an annual letter to the board outlining one’s top priorities. When CEO priorities are codified, it provides a recurring reference source for the board and employees. Reduce your focus to the three most essential priorities for your business growth.  Of course, you can delegate the things you eliminate, because they also need attention. And if you can’t decide which things to do more of, and which to do less of, consider having a conversation with me.

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