TweetScoop.itProfessionals are constantly working on projects that need to be presented to staff, management and customers.
Office Timeline is a free plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 that quickly makes your timeline and project slides.
As soon as you install, an Office Timeline ribbon in PowerPoint becomes available and you can start creating your project plan by clicking the New button. The first step is to select the style of timeline you want to build.  Choose between a Metro, Gantt, Phases or Interval style and then hit the Next arrow to begin entering your project data. The free version doesn’t let you save manual changes and the task timeline does not display accurately.
Everyone but us thinks this girl’s cover letter is a terrible example of what to do when applying to an investment bank.
First year analysts usually have to make tons of Powerpoint presentations for their bosses, which her PowerPoint shows she’d be good at. Slide Order: To rearrange the order of your slides, choose Slide Sorter from the View menu.

NOTE: Microsoft Corporation retains sole ownership of all published Productivity in the Classroom materials.
You can download free Metro interface PowerPoint template to decorate your business presentations or any other presentation with the new Metro UX design style, introduced in Windows 8 and the same user interface design used for new Microsoft Office 2013. The slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint contains two ready made slides that you can copy and paste or overwrite with your presentation content. I have used the resource with Functional Skills and Skills for Life classes ranging from Entry 2 to Level 2 students.
Whether it’s something as simple as coordinating travel or more complex such as rolling out infrastructure, being able to see key milestones and tasks on a slide, in an easy to understand way is significantly more valuable than looking at excel data tables or project tables. The General Tab is focused on the time band, and it enables you to change colors, turn on the Elapsed Time display and position a Today Marker.  There is more you can do using the Style Wizard’s other tabs.
This cover letter presentation from a girl who exposes the reasons why Citi should hire her as a Investment Banking Analyst.
Plus, everyone in banking is obsessed with China right now, so guess what she chose for the background of her presentation.

This presentation also explores the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and the sharing of fraction amounts.
A wide range of individual problems pop up allowing learners to solve them at their own pace.
Makes a great beginning of term activity for mixed ability (E3-L2) groups – especially if the group includes some footie fans! You need: a tray, a marked measuring cup, a cup and a jar of rice or other suitable medium.
Category you want to view and backgrounds that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project. A small research question is also included that requires learner to find the latest league table.

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