Sometimes Outlook 2007 thinks part of my message is part of my signature and no spelling check is done. If Outlook is not correcting misspelled words and spell check is enabled, you are typing in the signature area. If you have accounts that you do not want to use a signature on, create a blank signature that contains just the dashes & space to use when you don't want to use a signature.
Adding the dashes to the signature won’t help you with the current message though – to fix spell check in the message, you can select all and cut the message body (including the signature) then use Paste Special, As Text to paste it back into the message. To preserve the text format, images, and hyperlinks, select the entire message body and change the style to check spelling. In Outlook 2010 or 2013, select the entire message body (Ctrl+A to select all) switch to the Review tab, Language button, Set Proofing Language command and remove the check from Do not check spelling or grammar.
The Set Language dialog is identical to the one in Outlook 2010: Deselect the Do not checking spelling and grammar option near the bottom of the dialog.
About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book.

TomApril 8, 2016 11:02 amExcellent article, this solved the spell check problem I was having.
Recently, I had expanded my signature block to include a greeting and I didn't put "2 and 2" together that that was the moment that spell check stopped working. In the rush to reply to all the emails we receive, it’s easy to overlook common spelling mistakes or typing errors. Google Sites includes a library of gadgets - little applications that can add a lot of powerful features to your site. You can confirm it by right clicking on the misspelled words - if the signature selector comes up you're typing in the signature block, not the message body. This will help you to see where the signature begins and prevent typing in the signature area. With that said, i frequently need to edit or add information to the signature templates for which i need spell check to do.
BrewerJune 30, 2015 2:40 pmOf all of the sites that Google found regarding why spell check was "no longer working", this was the first one to indicate that Outlook intentionally does not perform spell check in the signature block.

Whilst Gmail does not have as-you-type spell-check built-in, it does have another little known spell-check feature that is useful. Click the More options drop-down arrow in the bottom right of the compose window (next to the trash icon). For those who do not want the US spelling of words, be sure to also install the English language relevant to your country. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums. I get why its not something that's spell checked, but it should be a feature MS Outlooks 2010 allows you to turn on or off.

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